12 elegant examples of evolution from Wired (via Nature)

Wired Magazine’s science blog has a post featuring a dozen “elegant” examples of evolution, all of the representing recent discoveries. The editors stress that spreading the facts about evolution in a society that is too often inimical toward, or unjustly skeptical of, “Darwin’s dangerous idea” cannot be accomplished using cold facts, however compelling these may be; appealing to people’s sense of wonder, they assert, is critical as well. In this spirit, the post’s twelve examples of evolution at work are accompanied by photographs and artwork that are as pleasing to the eye as they are instructive.
Significantly, many of these discoveries represent the very transitional forms that creationists so often demand evidence for (not that these were not present in abundance before 2007). When, for example, biologists identify a species that walked on land but possessed almost every morphological characteristic of whales, it is clear that the creature may have been one of the immediate predecessors to the cetaceans of today, and represents the confirmation of any number of longstanding hypotheses. But somehow, the folks at Answers in Genesis never seem to catch wind of these developments, busy as they are scuplting their own version of biological “science.”

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