An anti-evolution argument that gets points for creativity

I have to admit that this fellow has an entertaining way of expressing his denialism.

Of course, assuming he thinks his lyrics spell genuine reasons to doubt what scientists don’t, he’s either unaware that the theory of evolution is roughly as dependent on fossil discoveries as rap is on the London Philharmonic Orchestra, or he couldn’t find a snappy way to work terms like “molecular genetics,” “descent with modification,” and “DNA sequence homology.”
There’s more, though. The rapper is affiliated with a Web site called The Truth Group, which, while even more redolent of Poe-petry than most creation sites, appears to legitimately stump for creationism, with a particular emphasis on the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans.

In fact, if you visit the “Topics” page, every one of the six links there involve dinosaurs. By clicking on these, you learn that “dragon,” “leviathan” and “fiery flying serpent” are all synonyms for “dinosaur”; that the references in Job to a “behemoth” imply that “an intellectually honest person would have to admit that the details of this animal sound more like a Sauropod (long neck) type dinosaur (such as the Brachiosaurus) than any other animal known to have ever existed”; that the huge, sharp teeth of dinosaurs in no way suggest that they were meat-eaters despite the proclamations of biologists, as animals only began eating each other after Adam and Eve ruined everything with their raucous conduct; that the problem of fitting dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark was not a problem at all because only small ones were chosen; and finally (though I’m not sure how this bolsters the Truth Groupers’ arguments) that there is really no such thing as a brontosaurus. Support for all of these ideas can be found not only in the Bible but in videos accompanying these claims and created by the Truth Groupers themselves.
This stuff is–and I really intend no pun–primitive enough, but it’s more the assortment of external links that has me thinking that this site could be an audiovisually enhanced Poe. Not only do these genial visionaries link to Answers in Genesis and the Ray Comfort-Kirk Cameron axis of scalding embarrassment, but they even give the Ikester some link love, too. And now that I’ve raised the ghastly specter of that repository of indignant confusion, it would be wrong not to end this by noting what Ike himself says about dinosaurs:

Dinosaur explanation:
Also considering that most reptiles never quit growing. Extending their life span, like our life span was extended (100s of years). Would allow them to grow huge. And if they were able to give birth, while they were much larger, their offspring would start out bigger and grown even bigger than the parents did. That would explain the huge dinosaurs.

Case closed.

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