Can’t find a homeless person to sue? You still may be in luck

Apparently, celebrities and others of mega-means are no longer the only lightning rods for frivolous lawsuits; prevaricating, low-traffic bloggers whose wallets are as empty as their storehouse of facts are now attractive targets as well–at least according to Gribbit, who, unable to draw love even from those theoretically in his corner, continues to mention me and this blog frequently, evidently operating in the common belief that it’s better to be ridiculed than ignored.

Gribbit’s entry concerns an apparent legal effort by a fashion model to uncover the identity of some anonymous blogger tearing her a new anus, and the implications for the rest of us should this obvious non-starter come to fruition in the courts. After noting in a post he titles “Model aims to upset the blogosphere” that he is “not going to go so far as to claim that this is a deliberate effort by Cohen to effect [sic] free speech,” Gribbit intones that “should Ms. Cohen prevail in her quest, perhaps Kevin the Chimp and Meat for Brains should consider hiring themselves legal counsel.” He also assures his reader(s) that those who have designs on taking legal action against him had better think twice and read his site disclaimer first.
This is typical disjointed Gribbit: His whole post is about someone trying to use the courts to determine an anonymous blogger’s name, and then he mentions me as someone who stands to be potentially at risk if such action proves viable. Yes, “Kevin Beck” is a confusing and impenetrable anonym, and as hopper3011 has already suggested is actually the online handle of British journalist Mark Steel.
Yes, people are free to propagate the flagrant lies they read throughout the Internet under the auspices of opinion. This is as close, of course, as Gribbit will ever come to admitting that he doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t care to separate his personal gripes from reality.
Beyond these formalities, why Gribbit writes about U.S. politics at all is unclear; hell, he doesn’t even believe in the democratic process itself. He also claims that “Illegal aliens, felons, dead people, children, dogs, cats, and animated characters are the constituents of Democrats.” Do people like this expect to be taken seriously? Posts like this would be uninformed and silly enough without hysterical add-ons that, although adding an element of unintentional humor that I happen to enjoy, even an elementary-school student can recognize as false.
Anyway, just checking here to make sure I can still “defame” angry twitterheads via the MT4 interface just as readily as I could before the upgrade. Gribbit refuses to link to this blog because he doesn’t want to bless us with another two or three hits a week, but I have no such reservations because not only are Gribbit’s posts funny as can be, but I’m as generous in my criticism as I am solemn.

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