The Gay brings out the crazies; gay clergymen bring out the infranuts and subloons

An openly gay Episcopalian bishop from New Hampshire named Gene Robinson has been invited to take part in next week’s inauguration proceedings in Washington. Robinson is not only unabashed about his sexual orientation, but is well known for advocating for homosexual rights.
As you can imagine, the bigots are all over this, especially in the context of what promises to be an administration characterized by freewheeling liberal immorality and, if all goes as the Dems allegedly hope, the very destruction of freedom and the world itself in accordance with Satan’s blackest aims. But if everyday homobigots are ignorant and toxic, the ones emerging from within various rotting stumps and from under rocks are a different brand of shit-swilling and unapologetically illiterate and just plain stupid American citizens. Seriously, I can’t go three days without calling someone or something dumb here, but I think I have never seen examples as bad as in the comments to this article in my hometown paper.

Just read the string, bottom to top.
These are really the dumbest people I’ve seen. Homobigots are bad enough, but throw in a queer cleric and oh boy the worst of them really come flying out of their mud-bogs. I pop up in there several times, but I see no point in continuing. It’s insanity raised to an unquantifiable power. If I were gay I would honestly want to root out these worthless blowhards and incinerate their Bibles as they watched. Nevertheless, some of the themes I addressed:
IT SICKENS ME is not a valid argument against people’s rights.
PEOPLE WILL START SCREWING THEIR PETS–demonstrably false; pets in Amsterdam and San Francisco remain safe from buggery.
IT’S NOT ‘HATE’ TO POINT OUT THE TRUTH–well, wrong in that their idea of “THE TRUTH” is fiction, but this complaint is appropriately ironic in light of how much Christians complain of “persecution” resulting from their merely “expressing their faith.”
And there is no GAY AGENDA. Seriously, if you use this term, you tacitly admit to having the analytical skills of a Mynah bird.
And so on, and on and on. I keep myself from getting too bent out of shape by the sheer number of unsavory babblemongers out there by reminding myself that such crap is merely a reflection of the Good Guys winning these battles lately. The homobigots won’t go quietly, and they won’t fade altogether, but they will fail and they will fall.

12 thoughts on “The Gay brings out the crazies; gay clergymen bring out the infranuts and subloons”

  1. I take issue with your slandering of the Myna bird. Their imitative skills are a clear indicator of the ability to closely analyze at least sounds and to replicate them with a great degree of accuracy.
    And the homobigots (awesome term, btw) quite obviously do not have such sophisticated faculties. They have the analytical skills of brick.

  2. Do you mind if I borrow “homobigots”? From time to time I respond to the homobigots who send letters to the editor of our local newspaper, now I have a name for them. Also “mud-bogs”, I can get some mileage out of that.
    Thanks for the informative, albeit infuriating post.

  3. Oh, I didn’t invent “homobigots.” I bet if you do a global ScienceBlogs search you’ll see scads of examples of others deploying the term. I did, however, just coin “infranuts” and “subloons” (and the latter is not a kind of pirate’s treasure), so do your part to spread those around too.

  4. This is the Concord Monitor?
    I don’t even want to imagine the Manchester Union Leader….
    Sing praises! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Happy Day!
    Unless, of course, you pervert, you’re a godless bastard Gay
    All you faggots, dykes, and homos, all you lesbos, all you queers,
    You’ve been persecuting Christian folks for too, too many years!
    With your godless Gay Agenda, and your Liberal Elite,
    You expect us decent people, now, to bow and kiss your feet?
    Now this Robinson, this homo, who pretends that he’s a priest,
    Real Americans will tell you he’s not Christian in the least–
    He’s unchristian, unamerican, inhuman, and insane
    He’s pretending he’s religious just for monetary gain;
    He’s a hypocrite, a liar, he’s a Communist inside
    Cos America was founded with the Bible as its guide!
    When he dies (and he’ll die early–he’s unhealthy, you can tell)
    I can only hope he’s happy sucking Satan’s cock in Hell
    While good Christians spend eternity just spitting from above,
    Where we’re gathered up in Heaven… because God, you know, is Love.
    Oh… for the benefit of any of the Concord Monitor commenters who read this… it’s satire. Look it up.

  5. I find it patently unfair of you to compare the analytical skills of Mynah birts with these lowlife cretins. The Mynah birds are offended.

  6. …but I see no point in continuing.
    But still, you did.
    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only person susceptible to SIWOTI syndrome.
    Keep fighting the infraloons and subnuts! ;)

  7. I suppose we should count our blessings – in this sort of ingroup-outgroup battle, chimps rip of testicles literally. Then again, maybe we can learn from the chimps.

  8. And there is no GAY AGENDA.

    WHAT?!? Next you’ll tell us NASA really landed on the Moon, and the Earth is round, like a ball.

  9. Homobigots has been in use for quite a while. Read any of the political blogs or LGBT/etc blogs (Pam’s House Blend, Americablog, Holy Bullies, etc). You see it there all the time. I did use “Conservetard” in another post here. I hadn’t heard it yet, but since we’re putting names out there, I figured I’d add that to the mix. Can’t claim credit, unless nobody has ever seen it before.
    btw – psst – llewelly – don’t tell anyone, but the sun does not rotate around the Earth either, and there is no Santa Claus. But I hear the tooth fairy is real….

  10. I think I know what’s going on with all those hateful posts – they are all actually gay themselves and struggling to come to terms with the fact. Now this may be a bit of a hackneyed thing to say but there’s finally conclusive proof on the matter. Homophobia is actually gayer than tolerance!. By a significant margin too…
    The internet doesn’t lie! Time to come out of the closet fellas/ladies :)

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