A suggestion for a new state motto for Mississippi

The Onion come to life.

The [Jackson, Miss.] City Council voted 4-2 against a plan Tuesday that would have made it unlawful for people to wear pants below the waistline exposing their underwear.
The council members who voted against the saggy-pants ban said it likely was unconstitutional.
But Mayor Frank Melton, who joined the council meeting via telephone from Texas, said he will issue an executive order instituting the dress code.
“I certainly respect the Constitution,” Melton said, “but we have some issues that are much bigger than the Constitution.”

As Ed Brayton notes, the paralipsis-happy Melton has been called–with good, if darkly entertaining, reason–“the worst mayor in America.” Please give yourself a moment and read though the chronicle of Melton’s antics; I started laughing so hard that the dog started frantically licking my face and then left the room.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes sponsored the saggy-pants ordinance. He said many of the young men who wear saggy pants also get in trouble at school or with police.
He said the ordinance was an attempt to “save all the children we can.”

Good thing no one in a position to introduce and vote on bills confuses correlation with causation. Most people who wind up in prison declare themselves to be Christians, so let’s ban churches!

Melton said his executive order will not call on offenders to be put in jail. Instead, he said he envisions police officers taking young men with sagging pants home to their parents to talk about the problem.

Now that’s a great use of police resources in a city that in 2004 boasted the highest murder rate of any medium-sized city in the United States–and has apparently become an even more dangerous place under Melton’s “leadership.”
Oh, and almost as an afterthought:

Melton is scheduled to stand trial in federal court next month on civil rights charges related to a police-style raid on a Jackson duplex in 2006.

Melton doesn’t appear to be much longer for this world, so perhaps the city will soon have a mayor who will not try to run things in the manner of a Somali warlord on nitrous oxide.

4 thoughts on “A suggestion for a new state motto for Mississippi”

  1. Just wondering: what if those “young men with sagging pants” don’t live with their parents? What if they’re plumbers? What if they’re young women with bra straps showing – why is it only pants?
    And how is this “bigger than the Constitution” – let alone “much bigger”?

  2. How did Melton (even though a Democrat) avoid being appointed to a high-level position in the Bush administration?

  3. The fact that this person could think anything to do with fashion standards and aesthetic prefferences is more important than the human rights provided by the constituition should notbe allowed to hold office.
    “Sir we need you to add a tie breaking vote on local military prohibitionary resolutions or the federal government will send in military troops to occupie local residences to ‘help secure the trade route of the mississippi river'”
    “Can’t you see I am lecturing these punks about their sluvenly apearance? Doesn’t anyone give shit about what’s important anymore?”

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