More upheaval over Gene Robinson

The other day, I noted an article in the Concord Monitor about Gene Robinson, a gay Episcopalian minister from New Hampshire, being invited to participate in the presidential inauguration proceedings that get underway this weekend. The comments to the article spanned a breathtaking range of the godsick spectrum, boasting all the usual mindless Bible-wowser high points.
On Tuesday, the Monitor also ran an editorial praising Barack Obama’s choice of Robinson and titled ” “. The Christers liked this one even less and jacked up their hypocrisy well into the red-zone, complaining that one of the few voices of reason wasn’t censored by the paper for the high crime of maligning belief while simultaneously scorning the very idea that their mere differences of opinion about gays and homosexuality (that these are “evil,” “unnatural,” etc.) could be viewed as bigoted.
That these are not people who are consciously lying is the really nasty part; they are as blisteringly stupid as they are mean by default, with each trait reinforcing the other, and are certain that their ideas are merely just, while everyone else’s are part of greater liberal plot to pervert the world by way of embracing “the Gay Agenda” and godlessness in general.
Thanks, neocons; your slogans about “values” and other bullshit sold a lot better than I would have believed over the past eight years. But never again will I overestimate the collective brainpower of this calamitous citizenry.
Meanwhile, Jay Stephenson, an elder statesman among the coterie of self-parodic keyboard abusers at, complains that Robinson “plans to give Obama’s inaugural prayer to some other god beside that of Christianity….or basically he’s doing a fill in the blank with your favorite god prayer.”
The article Jay quotes himself expose the inaccuracy of this claim, but who cares? The meat of the matter, to Jay, is that this is not to be a strictly Christ-centric undertaking, and that Robinson’s presence and ecumenical mien renders the proceedings “insanely politically correct.”
How about that–Robinson has the nerve to treat non-Christian Americans, believers and otherwise, as Americans, and wants to reach as many people as possible! In the world of hapless cross-brandishing hickdom occupied by Jay and too many like him, delivering a prayer that is not strictly a Christian one is a terrible concession.
Well, guess what, Jay? I didn’t grow up in an Alabama swamp, playing with guns and wondering what “books” were while praying to a PCP-smoking, pimple-popping despot in the clouds, and I’m still an American. So Robinson is addressing me too, and y’all can suck it. (And yes, if anyone’s wondering, I’m being non-PC to make a point.)
If there’s a downside to having what appears to be a genuinely competent and progressive mind in the White House, it’s that millions of people who were already dangerously close to adult-diaper territory are already deep into wild-eyed and frantic shit-hurling mode, and they aren’t about to stop. I guess that means I just have to keep enjoying the show; truth be told, if people were even 10% smarter on average, the world might operate more efficiently, but life wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining a spectator sport..

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  1. The issues of female and gay priests/bishops, or not, are being very divisive in the Episcopal/Anglican church. I am surprised at various friends, otherwise decent human beings, who are on the wrong side of these issues.

  2. I intend to quote your statement:

    they are as blisteringly stupid as they are mean by default, with each trait reinforcing the other

    Closest I can come is, “When you just believe you invite mischief and have no recourse. You find yourself increasingly dependent upon your own dwindling mercy.”

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