Not something I’m happy to report

But it would be nice if this story about a service-dog-in-training had a happy ending.

URGENT- Please Help Cody!

<img src='; width=155 border=1 alt='URGENT- Please Help Cody!' New Hampshire Pathways to Hope (Prison Dog Program) is sending out an urgent plea to the public. Cody, a 5 month old Black Labrador puppy, escaped from his foster home on Monday, January 12 and was hit by a car.
Cody is currently being treated at the Capitol Area Veterinary Services (CAVES) in Concord. He has a broken front left leg, head trauma and multiple bruises and lacerations.
Cody is currently stable, but will need orthopedic surgery to repair his broken leg. The current estimate for his hospital bills and surgery is $2000-that’s after a nearly the very generous discount by CAVES.

NHPTH is funded solely by donations and we urgently need help in paying for Cody’s medical treatments. If you would like to help Cody, please consider making a donation to the following address.
NH Pathways To Hope
PO Box 672
Concord, NH 03302-0672

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