Nutters enthusiastically lowering their game as reality strikes

On Tuesday, Barack Obama will take over as president of the United States. The deranged of the nation’s online denizens were bitching about the evils of liberal polices even when the presidency and both houses of Congress were controlled by Republicans with an unusually strong evangelical stench. When the 2006 midterm elections saw the Democrats regain control of both the Senate and the House, these blinkered souls somehow began making even more guttural sounds and unleashing an even more prolific torrent of lies, distortions, and petty grievances, a harbinger of what would come if a Dem won the presidency in 2008. Sure enough, with Obama poised to begin his term, the nutballs have shed all traces of pretense to either literacy or coherence and simply started detonating shitbombs wherever they live.
In this spirit, check out today’s one-two punch at (We’ll Never) Stop the ACLU (or Running Our Keyboards in Vain), which at baseline is reliably rich an all of the elements of blaring right-wing hysteria but today boasts a comical and psychotic melange of spite and nonsense.

First is a post consisting of a complaint about people who are getting Obama tattoos (as if this is, like, a free country!) and advancing the idea that the economy might not be such a wreck if liberals weren’t busy throwing away money on frivolous things. Yes, if only liberals would blow more dough on firearms, Yosemite Sam mud flaps and various causes associated with God, this nation easily could have remained financially robust despite the unprecedented rash of calamitous decisions made in recent years.
Next is an entry blaming environmentalists for what the writer calls a plane crash the other day. I was under the impression that U.S. Airways flight 1549 made an emergency landing in the Hudson and averted a crash, but some obviously remember it differently. That aside, the blogger asserts that Canada geese, a known hazard to aircraft, would have been rightfully obliterated long ago were it not for “greenies,” stating,

They would soon make lovely roasts on lots of dining-room tables otherwise. But, obnoxious as the geese are, the power of the Greenie lobby prevents any culling. And Congress has done its best to back up the Greenies by funding “non-lethal” measures to remove the geese. Clearly, those methods did not work

People like the author of this post (an Australian avidly interested in misunderstanding U.S. politics) should be careful what they wish for, given what would happen if the dumbest and most obnoxious humans were “culled” from the U.S. landscape owing to their irredeemable shortcomings and ugly lowering of various metrics of societal functioning.
it doesn’t get much more barrel-bottom-scraping, throw-our-hands-in-the-air than this. Such entries are the kind of laughable trash people come up with in lieu of formally admitting that they neither know what the hell they’re talking about or care to apprise themselves of, and address, meaningful points.
I’m just wondering precisely how these and similar snapperheads will complain about Obama’s first definitive move as commander-in-chief, whatever it is and particularly if it concerns the occupation of Iraq. Will it be a complaint about caving into “the terrorists” (should it be a move aimed at easing troops out of the region) or one about “hypocrisy” (im the event Obama does something the nuts actually approve of)? Fans of the General Human CircusTM can’t wait to find out.

8 thoughts on “Nutters enthusiastically lowering their game as reality strikes”

  1. You’re probable looking at eight years in the white house and
    probably even more democratic gains in the house & senate in 2010 (seein hows the tard party is swingin’ even more tarder). I gots only one thing to say to these malcontents.
    “SUCK IT UP!!!”

  2. You’re probable looking at eight years in the white house and
    probably even more democratic gains in the house & senate in 2010 (seein hows the tard party is swingin’ even more tarder). I gots only one thing to say to these malcontents.
    “SUCK IT UP!!!”

  3. The thing that I find funny is that President Obama seems to be interested in Governing from the center (at least in the beginning) and not from the “far left” as most of those nitwits desperately want. He has shown every sign of wanting to work with his political adversaries and to take their ideas seriously. The problem is that these dumbfucks have no interest in contributing. They will spend all their time weaving ridiculous conspiracy theories to try and discredit the man (birth certificate, secret Muslim, etc.) and when policy is made they will bitch about not having any input.
    This has happened with the Global Warming issue. It is inevitable that some sort of government intervention will occur to address the problem. Instead of contributing their ideas to a solution that they could live with they continue to babble on about global warming being a myth created by liberal environmental extremists.
    And you watch, when Obama pulls troops out of Iraq and uses them to bolster our forces in Afghanistan these same idiots will suddenly become antiwar just like they were with Clinton and the Balkans in the 90’s.
    I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on them. Without their nutball behavior modern Conservatism would not be dying the slow and embarrassing death that it is.

  4. And could someone please tell me why they keep referring to that plane landing as a fucking miracle? Why is it miraculous to have an excellent pilot follow through with something they no doubt had planned in case of emergency?

  5. Canadian geese as roasts on the dinner table!? Yech! Nasty, gamey things.
    No kidding this guy’s from Australia. Definitely never tried goose. Still, he makes things up just like he’s from America. Had me fooled for a minute!

  6. Well, of course they object to the non-lethal goose control methods.. it’s abortion! (They oil the eggs so they don’t hatch).
    Just like with brown people, it’s more moral and ethical and manlymanlymanly to wait until they are born and then shoot them so you can watch them die in agony.
    And the trick is to catch them and feed them “clean” food for about a month before they head to the table. Goose is far superior to turkey in the flavour department.

  7. On Academic Free-for-All day, everyone can have it their way. Don’t worry if 99.9% of the experts on some subject agree on one conclusion about the facts — if your ‘gut’ says differently, then go for it! No matter how wacky the idea is, you can usually find a handful of cranks with Ph.D.s to back you up!

    My full name is Dr. John Joseph RAY …

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