Possibly the sickest analogy I’ve ever seen

Meatbrain points to a post by the indefatigably bloodthirsty and unapologetically dishonest nut called Cao, whose use of Sarah Conner of Terminator fame–every wingnut seems to require a hyper-agressive fictional character as a blog mascot–never fails to crack me up:

why shouldn’t innocents die in war?
If Barack Obama and his ilk are willing to attack our very own citizens such as Rush Limbaugh as the enemy, and if Billy Ayers the unrepetent [sic] terrorist is willing to applaud the actions of the 9/11 hijackers (because he felt he didn’t do enough) and leftists believe the civilians who died in the towers in New York deserved it because they were ‘little Eichmanns’, then what is the problem?

This is plenty dumb without any help, but check out the first comment below it:

Innocents die in mishaps every day — car wrecks, plane crashes, tumbles down the stairs. We don’t abolish cars, planes, and stairs because sometimes something goes wrong and somebody dies.
So it is with war. Sometimes you must take up arms against an aggressor. And, as with EVERY SINGLE HUMAN ENDEAVOR, sometimes something will go wrong.
If the occasional death is the price we pay for all the massive benefits of rapid transportation, the occasional civilian death is likewise the price we pay for the undeniable benefits of ridding the world of violent aggressors for whom the deaths of innocents is a goal rather than an unfortunate side effect.

So there you have it: Accidental deaths resulting from traffic and household accidents are qualitatively no different from the deaths of innocent civilians in wars. Problem solved; conscience clear.
The kicker? This commenter runs a pro-life blog.
Being against abortion is defensible. Being in favor of war is defensible. An incoherent mishmash of positions like this one is not. It’s the kind of garbage that typically springs from a mind in which evidence-based thinking has been permanently stanched in the usual American fashion.
I honestly wonder how many walls people like this woman smash into nose-first before collapsing into a chair in front of a computer for the apparent purpose of gunning for the Comprehensive Dolt of the Decade Award or some similarly dubious honor.

2 thoughts on “Possibly the sickest analogy I’ve ever seen”

  1. “leftists believe the civilians who died in the towers in New York deserved it because they were ‘little Eichmanns'”
    Wait, wasn’t it Pat Robertson (clearly not a leftist) who said that New York deserved what they got because of abortion and ‘teh gheys’?

  2. And don’t forget Katrina was due to all the homosexin’ happening in New Orleans. Acts of God, acts of war… what the fucks the difference? It’s all collateral damage. Right?

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