Europeans (especially Britons): You live in an upholstered toilet

If you think America’s wingnuts are rabid when it comes to criticizing fellow citizens with whom they disagree, their attitude toward those from other nations with the temerity to criticize them is almost comically acidic.
A reader called Spinneyhead has been having a raucous exchange with Gribbit via Twitter, a “place” where Gribbit–when not generating ignorant off-the-cuff blog screeds chiefly for the benefit of the voices in his head and secondarily so that libtards can make fun of him and send him token bursts of traffic–evidently spends an unlikely amount of time fighting with “trolls” (anyone who points out his mistakes), complaining about Obama, Democrats, and various other things that tickle his neurofibrillary tangles, and rooting for people who disagree with him to die. (I’m on Twitter but refuse to look at it often; I waste enough time here and on Facebook already.)
Spinneyhead is from the U.K., which inspired this loveliness from the corpulent cartoon canine:

There is a troll canvassing the Top Conservatives On Twitter group who hails from Great Britain. I’ve repeatedly informed this interloper that it should pay more attention to its country and leave mine alone…
This is the United States of America. I am not inserting myself into your political system, so stay the hell out of mine.
If you truly believe [that there is nothing wrong with the EU], then you can live in that upholstered toilet. But DON’T think that you have input into our system. We do NOT want to live like you turds do. Being over-run my Islamofascists, abdicating your national sovereignty, and in a pseudo-socialist society. Our system is ours. You choose to believe that yours is not adequate, that is neither my fault nor my concern. So I don’t presume to insert myself into those decisions.

So, if you don’t happen to live here, your opinion is for shit, especially if you hail from a country with a demonstrably higher standard of living in many ways than the one the U.S. enjoys. Presumably this attitude implies that the complainant plays by his own rules and doesn’t profess to know what’s good for Britain and the rest of Europe, right?
Well, not exactly. As a cursory search through his blogheap reveals, Gribbit is perfectly happy to not only criticize the policies of England, Mexico, and other nations and regions–including, of course, the entire Middle East–but (big shock ahead!) misrepresent them.
Apologies to readers outside Jesusland, who have probably figured out for themselves that most of us aren’t ugly assholes who aspire to be bulldogs wearing Stevie Wonder sunglasses.
Entirely separate from this jingo-all-the-way crap is this quaint bellyaching about the “diarists,” whose reliability he likens to that of Wikipedia–a source Gribbit himself, naturally, relies on when it’s convenient. Notice that his insistence on scaling a blog’s reliability with what he reckons is its traffic evaporates when talking about blogs he knows get a lot more traffic than his does:

[T]his moron tried to use a posting at the Science Blogs hate site to disprove my post Global Warming Initiatives – The Economy Killer. Forgive me, that’s like using Wikipedia.
The diarists at Science Blogs are only interested in bitching about Conservatives and advancing an eco-nazi agenda. It is ripe with turds who claim that there is no GOD who then write inflammatory posts about those of us who publicly affirm a belief in GOD.
If you truly believe that man is responsible for global warming, then you take actions that you believe will lessen your contribution. BUT, don’t presume to dictate to me that I should as well. Because, the science on this matter suggests something else is responsible. Like SUNSPOT ACTIVITY!
You AGW morons never cease to amaze me. You can claim all day long that CO2 is responsible but have no evidence beyond unreliable computer modeling. Well your computers didn’t predict the 1.5 degree average drop in temps last year did they. So until you can point to some sort of science that can predict the weather more than 5 days in advance -SHUT UP!

The AGW post he’s complaining about, by the way, is by Tim Lambert of Deltoid.
Gribbit, of course, is a coward who doesn’t allow comments for the same reason he never engages his interlocutors directly: At some dim, almost-conscious level he recognizes that his claims are unsupported by facts and stem solely from his own misplaced rage. He treats WorldNut Daily and Michelle Malkin as credible sources, but rejects the input of working scientists on matters of science. But don’t worry–he’s well aware of when he’s being maligned by libtards, because his hit totals are paltry enough so that even five or ten hits from one source constitutes a major traffic spike for him, and he’s powerless over his urges to respond with something even dumber than what he wrote to attract negative attention in the first place.
By the way, in response to Gribbit’s “1-13-2013: Obama’s Last Day” graphic, it’s now been 11 days since he posted the claim that there are 1.095 days in a four-year period.
Really, he mystifies me. We’re not talking about an earner who is upset that his income taxes are being diverted to libtard causes, but someone who, unless his circumstances have changed significantly in the past year or two, is on the government dole himself and gets medical care for him and his family from the federal government. There’s no shame in this, but I don’t know what besides genuine insanity can explain this sort of snapping at the hand of a feeder. His idea of “personal responsibility” seems to be screaming in as hypocritical a way as possible and, if anything, serving as an example of why entitlements programs may in some cases be just the wasteful expenditure he claims they are.

4 thoughts on “Europeans (especially Britons): You live in an upholstered toilet”

  1. On the 1095 days thing, gribbit is soooo stupid that he calculated from the inauguration of 2009 to the election in 2012 in whole years. 2012 – 2009 = 3 years. 3 years times 365 days/year (and ignoring that 2012 is a leap year) yields 1095 days. At this point I’m not convinced that the guy can even wipe himself properly after using the john. Pitiful, really.

  2. Oh dear. It all started because I got home from the pub and decided, as he doesn’t have comments, to send him the links by Twitter. Then he got all defensive and posted his replies to the top conservatives on Twitter stream to show them how clever he was being. I mocked him a bit more, then I went to bed. And the next day there was a blog post just for me.
    The moral- don’t get into drunken Twitter arguments unless you want to be very amused by the results.

  3. That’s the beauty of the Internet–and in particular, blogging–for mindless hacks. The standard, default set-up is to blather away about whatever’s on your mind and allow comments, which you may or may not choose to moderate to some extent. People with the charmless combination of irascibility, insistence, and ignorance can opt to disallow comments entirely, thereby creating a bully pulpit for the blogger and instilling false confidence in his ramshackle beliefs. When even that fails since, after all, no one can control what’s said about him on other people’s blogs, the blogger can take a further step toward insularity and try to keep dissenters from even reading what they say. This is the foundation of stoically maintaining failed ideas, with the added benefit of giving those who perhaps feel powerless in some ways a cheap sense of power.
    Incidentally, when I click on the “posted the claim” link above, I too seem to be banned, but if I simply load Gribbit’s site this is not the case.

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