“Cello scrotum” a 35-year-old hoax

Virginia Hughes reports:

In 1974, British doctor Elaine Murphy and her husband, John, sent the first-ever description of ‘cello scrotum’ to the elite British Medical Journal. The journal accepted the letter, and published it in the 11 May issue of that year. Just one problem: the Murphys totally made it up! LOLZ!

Damn. Now I am not sure how much credibility to give related, less well documented disorders such as “harmonica anus,” “xylophone perineum,” “kettle drum nipples,” and “bassoon clitoris.”

4 thoughts on ““Cello scrotum” a 35-year-old hoax”

  1. That may be the funniest thing I’ve read in some time. You have to admire, in this way, the naivete of populations as a whole. By admire I mean fear.

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