Male contraceptive injection being tested (where else?) Down Under

A male contraceptive injection that works by shutting down spermatogenesis is being tested in Sydney and nine other centers worldwide.
Consisting of a mixture of testosterone and progestin, the injection has been shown in previous research to suppress sperm production in 95% of men, but this is apparently the first “real-life” trial. Testosterone levels themselves remain unaffected, but the pituitary is tricked into not releasing significant amounts of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone. (Considering that God plainly made men and women incalculably different, the extent to which their reproductive structures and physiological processes are analogous is downright eerie.)
One injection is good for about two months. I don’t know how much it’ll cost when it hits the market, but when it does, I bet the number of men who lie and say they’re on it will far outpace the number who actually do get the shots (and as directed, not once or twice a year or so).
The ANZAC Research Institute, an Australia-based aging center, has more info.