Many tentacles pimping on the keys

That has nothing to do with the content of this post, so I hope you’re not discouraged.
I have limited time today, so I wanted to steer y’all in the direction of a post at Granite Grok about Nadya Suleman, the new mother of octuplets who has 14 kids in all.
I’m not concerned about Skip’s trivial observation that a jobless single mother of 14 has made some questionable choices along the way, but with a few other things he adds to the mix. Here’s what I asked him in a comment:

“What this case truly brings into focus is whether or not it is ethical for anyone to have more kids than they can afford.”
Do you mean “ethical” or “practical”? And just out of curiosity, Skip, how does this statement relate to, or inform, your thoughts and feelings on contraception and abortion?
“Why? I blame it on the continued break down of morals as we become a more secular society (there are real costs as societies move from a set of absolute values to one of relative moralism)”
Before eviscerating this garbage on my blog, I’ll give you a day or two to support the idea that a jobless mom with 14 kids wanting others to pick up the tab has anything to do with a decline in the collective religiosity of America, and further, to both define “absolute moralism” and “relative moralism” and defend your reasons for asserting that the former is necessary.
I’ll give you a head start by reminding you that morals, as the habits of various other social animals remind us, are no more God-given than octuplets, Fox News, or Frito-Lay.

I’m curious as to how he’ll respond. People who yabber about “moral relativism” are maybe half an intellectual rung above or below the ones crying about “activist judges legislating from the bench” and close cousins of the ones screaming about a “homosexual agenda,” so that angle should be put to rest quickly. But I am curious as to how a pro-lifer can acknowledge the tremendous problems facing children born into poverty and worse and not admit to a major amount of cognitive dissonance. I have a feeling I know what an honest person would say here–and that answer is one I can sympathize with even if it’s malarkey–but I don’t know if that is what Skip will provide, if in fact he responds at all.

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  1. A devout catholic uncle of mine had over a dozen kids.
    His family supplemented their income as migrant farm workers.
    My understanding has always been that small family sizes tend to be related to not being too religious.

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