A Google AdSense link I actually clicked: “Is Obama the Antichrist”?

Well, it would be kinda nice to know, wouldn’t it?
This site, run by one Mel Sanger, has all classic stigmata of a nutjob enterprise: A layout straight out of 1994; the “Have you secretly wondered so and so and thought people might actually judge you MAD because of it? Well, you’re not alone!” construct; gratuitous caps, extra apostrophes, and other abuses of English (“Blacks, White’s, Hispanics, Young, Middle Aged, Old, Straight, Lesbian, Homosexual; everyone seemed to be impacted by his message of change”); talk of encoded messages and Bible prophecies; profligate use of the word “literally” and bold text; frantic references to Christians and other well-meaning everyday folk being asleep at the wheel of their terribly threatened lives; and, of course, an invitation to buy something, in this case a book.

A Small Preview of the Vast Number of Insights For You To Make Your Own Personal Decision on The Evidence.</strong

  • Your view of the end times will be forever changed by the information in this report. It will seriously challenge your views, political beliefs and will cause discomfort as it reveals a major deception regarding the United States in recent times! (Part 1: Page 29)
  • You will fully understand why Talk Radio Stations all over America are now Facing the threat of Censorship by Obama when he becomes President under the Obama New World Order. (Part 2: Page 21)
  • You will understand the reason why many bible prophecy experts have been muted regarding the election of Barack Obama. What is it that they know but are simply too scared to say regarding the Obama New World Order (Part 1: Page 32)
  • What was the Importance and Significance of Obama’s attendance at Trinity United Church of Christ. (Part 2: Page 9)
  • Birds of a Socialist Marxist Feather do Flock Together and because of the absolute lack of belief by many on this issue, we will provide you the names and political agenda’s of some of Obama’s major advisors. Once you see this list and proof of their covert connection to Obama there will be no hiding place! (Part 2: Page 13)
  • Why is there confusion in the Muslim World regarding their view of Barack Obama? (Part 2: Page 57)
  • Does Obama’s moral and religious views cause fundamental conflict with the Christian Faith which he professes? (Part 2: Page 17)
  • Why Has Google reported over 5 million searches in 2008 for the term “Obama Antichrist” and does he have an apocalyptic role? (Part 3: Page 23)
  • Why is the Destruction of Islam and the removal of the Dome of the Rock from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a significant requirement for those looking to bring about the Masonic New World Order? (Part 3: Page 12)

And Much More………………………….
I think my favorite part of the whole production is the image on the home page showing the book from which the site draws its name. Look closely at the warning in the middle.

5 thoughts on “A Google AdSense link I actually clicked: “Is Obama the Antichrist”?”

  1. What do I know? I was always impressed with the argument that Ronald Wilson Reagan was the Antichrist. There are six letters in each of his names aren’t there?

  2. As you consider yourself a scientist why don’t you purchase it and disprove the information?

  3. mm, sorry, I’m not going to waste money so I can read the entirety of something that is obviously a pile of shit. What is on the site is sufficient to establish the author as a fifth-degree lunatic. And even if I did buy it and post formal rebuttals, you crackjobs would only claim the rebuttal was insufficient. That is how cranks work, and that id why I mock them rather than engage them. The book is unquestionably garbage, and if the vanity search for smackdowns that led you to this post bothers you, good. It should. You’re as crazy as the day is long.

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