The day in stupid


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently had a 15-minute meeting with Pope Benedict XVI.
The meeting was held Wednesday in a small room in the Vatican after Benedict’s weekly public audience. Judie Brown of American Life League tells OneNewsNow the meeting was private, but the Vatican did release a statement, noting the pope challenged Pelosi’s stance on abortion issues.
“But I am very grateful that the Holy Father called her up, if you will, on her horrible position in favor of supporting the abortion of preborn babies,” Brown notes.

No, I won’t. The term you seek, idiot, is called her out. I know, crazy kids, driving around in brand-new pre-owned cars and aborting the preborn.
What’s more, the “news” release admits that what was said between Pelosi and Pope Ratzo is not known. Sure, he probably said some exceptionally stupid shit, but we have no quotes. And is that really the best pic anyone could come up with? Does the Pope ever not look one hundred percent batshit crazy?

The Associated Press reports Benedict urged politicians to value life “at all stages of its development” and to protect the dignity of human life “from conception to natural death.”
“Pelosi is an insult to the Roman Catholic Church,” Brown contends, “and I’m glad that the Vatican recognizes this.”

I too hope to be formally recognized as an insult to the same church. I mean, come on I’ve fornicated, debauched, and deflowered in the extreme, though not nearly to the degree I should have. Why, not five minutes ago I said “Jesus fucking Christ!” out loud. I belong in a high position in anyone’s concept of downtown Hell.

Brown adds that the pope could have simply shaken Pelosi’s hand and had a cordial meeting, but he embraced the opportunity instead to promote life. “He took the opportunity to point out the grave error of her ways — and I think that does send a message to pro-abortion politicians everywhere all over the world,” she concludes. That message? “If they happen to be Catholic, they cannot support killing.”

We’ll remember you said that, moron.
Then again, in a world where people say things like “the spinal cord of a baby forms around 12 days after conception. The presence of a spinal cord equals the ability for the baby to feel PAIN” in complete sincerity, it’s not surprising when people toss out bald-faced lies and sheer hilarity and expect to be taken seriously–because they are.

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  1. The meme that you cannot be a Catholic and support abortion has been steadily gaining traction. Most American Catholics are more liberal than the church hierarchy wants to admit. I suspect that, rather than strengthening support for the official church position, saying you can’t be pro-choice and Catholic will result in drop in church attendance and a drop in revenue, and then the real fun will start. A drop in revenue is the only thing the church truly responds to.

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