This is going to help the AFA how?

Don’t like a television station’s decision not to air your homosexual-bashing production? Then do the Christian thing and hunt down the names of known or suspected gays who work or have worked at the station so you can accuse them, based solely on speculation, of using their special homopowers and influence to censor the program.

Gary Glenn, president of AFA-Michigan, said in a statement to WOOD-TV General Manager Diane Kniowski that he originally suspected the cancellation was merely a matter of political correctness, but now wonders how deeply the connection runs between Thomas and the station.

Right, at first you were willing to settle for a position that is merely stupid, but upon reflection it became necessary to be paranoid, too.

“Now,” Glenn wrote to Kniowski, “we learn that a public spokesman for the so-called Human Rights Campaign – the national homosexual activist group that claimed credit for pressuring your station to censor and breach its agreement to air AFA’s paid documentary – is a former long-time WOOD-TV newsroom executive who while holding that position was allowed by the station to actively and publicly campaign against the Marriage Protection Amendment approved by Michigan voters in 2004.”

Guess what, AFA: Your actions have consequences, just like everyone else’s. Let’s assume you have a valid complaint here–that the station nixed your agreement because a former newsroom staffer to whom management is sympathetic is a gay activist, and thus took particular interest in the Grand Rapids station’s planned airing of the show. Or perhaps it was the simple pressure of the HRC, with no need for deeper conspiracies. Or maybe someone in the WOOD-TV management woke up one morning that week and, while shuffling to the john for a nice dump, mused, “You know, fuck those Jesus freaks and their propaganda.” The point is, it’s not your station, and WOOD-TV is under no obligation to do your bidding.
What’s astounding is that people can go to such lengths to basically harass someone and then turn around and claim to be objects of persecution. No amount of hypocrisy is too much for robotic ideologues.