Ten minutes you’ll never get back

This video is essentially a contest to see who can appear more absurd. Norm Geisler is ludicrously unsophisticated, while Brannon Howse is simply a liar (“atheism has been responsible for the deaths of nearly 200 million people”) who, in an amusing if pitiful turn, tries to paint his interlocutor, who can barely speak in complete or coherent sentences, as an expert in both logic and cosmology.

Listen to Geisler’s strategy for turning skeptics’ words against them. He claims that skepticism is a form of certainty in itself and that skeptics therefore make self-defeating arguments. Seriously–that’s the beginning and the end of it; no mention of the value of evidence in arguments and no admitting to, or awareness of, the rank hypocrisy of stipulating “(The Christian) God exists” as a default condition
Every common canard is in there, albeit in tabular form–Second Law of Thermodynamics, “moral law giver,” the fact that the universe exists is evidence for an intelligent designer. Geisler has apparently written 70 books (most likely the same one 70 times) yet both these guys seem unaware that they are supposed to keep mum about the fact that ID creationism is, well, creationism. And I find it very hard to believe that someone capable of this really holds a doctorate degree in philosophy.
This kind of yammering would be an embarrassment to a couple of high-school freshmen giving a class presentation, to say nothing of a couple of adults.

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