We’re not condemning gays; they just need to stop it

One of the most disturbing aspects of religious indoctrination is the manner in which is clears the way for large numbers of people to absolve themselves of responsibility for their own judgments, however persistently ignorant. Victims of this kind of programming really do believe that certain forms of raw contempt are not merely advisable but compulsory.
There are certainly plenty of people with fixed ideas that would be considered sexist, racist, or just plain unruly by any impartial adjudicator who would maintain these ideas in the absence of faith. But when you see decent people caught up in the genuine conviction that there’s some great Being out there that just plain loathes the gays it created–and see how at odds with themselves they often are as a result–it puts on full display the power of indoctrination to effect what might, charitably in some cases, be called nonsurgical lobotomies.
Then, of course, there are the gasbags who would be ludicrous and possibly paranoid under the best of circumstances, and when slathered in religion they take on an especially ugly shade of silly. A blogger for OneNewsNow.com complaining about gay-marriage advocate Sean Penn’s comments writes:

[Penn], like the Gay Rights Movement as a whole, totally misunderstands the Message of Christianity. We are not here to condemn anyone of the LGBT lifestyle. For there is no condemnation for those who have repented of sin and are in Christ (See Romans 8:1) … true, Biblical Christianity calls for a stand against evil and sin in a culture that applauds “anything goes.” … Even a loose interpretation of Scripture would support the idea that God had a better plan for us than a LGBT lifestyle. A more honest interpretation would call it an abomination (See Romans 1).

He also mixes in the “it’s okay to rip on Christians” and claims Hollywood on general has robbed the country of Christ.
When I read something as astoundingly self-contradictory as the above passage, I’m tempted to think that the author is lying. He’d have to be, right? I mean, how gullible does he think people are? Does he now know his own very lightly paraphrased claim is that he doesn’t condemn the LGBT “lifestyle” but that it’s an abomination, evil, and a sin and needs to stop? Does he honestly think a gay person would do anything but take umbrage at such crap, even one who knows there’s no hell waiting for him? Normal people do not just approach others and say stuff like “Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re ugly and stupid and need to save yourself from those things” unless they mean offense.
Apparently they do, and it’s hard to imagine anything that could enforce such craziness in an otherwise intact mind other than belief in imaginary authority figures. Never mind that you can never pin these idiots down and evoke any sort of explanation for what damage homosexuality actually does–it’s all about sin, case closed.
They really don’t get why people think they’re morons.

One thought on “We’re not condemning gays; they just need to stop it”

  1. “I don’t want to sound racist, but I don’t want a black man running my country.” – a McCain supporter waiting for Straight Talk Express to arrive in Pennsylvania.
    There was video of that quote on youtube for a bit but it might be gone now that the election’s over.
    “Christianity” alone isn’t responsible for the double-thought, the blatant contradictions between how people act and how they want to be perceived as acting.

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