Obama conspiracy theorists are so cute!

Actually they’re repugnant, but in an interesting enough way.
As if it weren’t enough that Obama-haters were not only willing to blame him for all the problems he inherited but to apparently believe their own words to this end, some of them are now claiming he’s causing mayhem on purpose. Take this guy:

Is President Obama intentionally attempting to bring the stock market to its knees? Some argue that, indeed, he is.
The only plausible explanation is that Obama’s destruction of the economy is intentional.
It is based on a failed ideology that has never — and can never — succeed [sic].
And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

See the theme here? No explanation for why someone would want to act in a way guaranteed in the end to make his own life miserable and perhaps end it, but reassurances that other people agree. Yes, dumbass, we know that plenty of people are on board with every anti-Obama idea that’s been violently shat out of millions of puckered Internet bungholes in the past month-plus. The trick is providing reasonable evidence to back up these brazenly lunatic ideas. Or at least some useful speculation.
A little consistency would help too. If Obama’s out to bring America to its knees, then what was going through George W. Bush’s mind as he was watching America race into record federal-deficit territory and alienate the rest of the world? Hell, he must have been itching daily to land a few H-bombs in Washington.

If all of this comes as a surprise to you, I’m guessing you never saw The secret scrapbook of Barry Soetero.
Because if you had, you would’ve known.

Damn, if only I had the unfailing prescience of every mentally challenged blogger out there! They so smart. We ought to had listen to they. Them knew from start, what Score was.
That link is an internal one, by the way, and it’s appropriately pathetic. But it really is written in Comic Sans, proving that the fun really does never end.

3 thoughts on “Obama conspiracy theorists are so cute!”

  1. In all honesty, he does quote Jim Cramer (that crazy Mad Money fuck on CNBC) that told everyone to hold onto their Bear Stearns stock.

  2. Not all that significantly different from the folks who claimed W and Cheney orchestrated 9/11, really. And worthy of as much respect, of course.

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