Crap from an ID blog (pardon the redundancy)

I recently wrote about Michael Egnor’s concern trolling regarding Richard Dawkins, where Egnor took what is, to all but the most rabid extremists, a very easy position (that an Oklahoma politican’s aim to keep Dawkins from speaking at OU was wrong) in order to shepherd in numerous lies about Dawkins and mischaracterizations of his positions, including the claim–made three different times–that Dawkins advocates academic censorship.
The basic structure of a “stealth slam” essay like this one–not that it’s subtle to readers who are at all discerning–is, “It’s wrong to label football players stupid. Sure, most of them major in joke subjects, indulge in date rape, and take steroids, but that doesn’t make them dumb.” It smacks of an extended form of paralipsis.
Someone named Bradford writing at the ID creationism blog Telic Thoughts has, naturally, been suckered in (or chosen to ignore the obvious) in a post titled “Egnor takes the high road.” It’s exactly the kind of result Egnor aimed for and consists not of a high road but a pair of tired ruts leading through a manure-strewn pasture. But leave it the the Telic Thoughts crew to foment some of the worst denial on the Internet–after all, you’re talking about a group of bloggers who have taken up an indefensible, scientifically hollow position and mocked everyone not on board.
Seriously, what does it say about your “movement” when you have to praise your comrades for not advocating what Sen. Thomsen proposed? That it’s joke led by dishonest people, maybe? Apparently it’s striking when an ID proponent writes something that’s not wholly dishonest or uncomprehending.
It’s also obvious that IDers have little choice but to play nice, at least on the surface. Since they bring religion rather than research to the table, they have to use every tactic possible in order to gain exposure for their aims, and Egnor’s article, with its implied “our controversial theory, their controversial theory” stance, serves them well, or at least not as poorly as Pennsylvania school board members perjuring themselves on the witness stand.
Some of the lies in the comments are interesting, too–you actually see people defending Ben Stein and the well-documented duplicity on the part of the producers of Expelled.
In the end, though, these people are only babbling to themselves. They’re like the losers in Say Anything hanging out a the gas-station parking lot on a weekend night, drinking beers trying to convince each other that they don’t really want to be out with girls.

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