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I’d have to give a shout-out to Alltel for having possibly the worst Web site (personal pages and blogs excluded) in the history of the Web.
For one thing, there’s this weird log-in glitch–if I enter my correct username/password combination on the front page, I invariably get a “username or password is incorrect” error (at least in Firefox; I haven’t used IE in ages). Yet when I enter the same info on the page I’m bounced to, I have no problem.
Then there’s the issue of microscopic fonts and, worse still, menus set in iframes that do an excellent job of concealing the money button at the bottom of these menus (it’s almost impossible to see the white-on-white scrollbars alongside these windows, so unless you know the fame is there it simply looks like the necessary action button is missing).
Need to contact customer service? Good luck. Click on that option and a new window insisting visitors log in again opens. Perhaps by design, it’s almost impossible to track down the customer service phone number.
Fortunately this won’t be an issue for me anymore. The reason I had to reach someone at Alltel by phone is because in December I moved to a region (New Hampshire) well outside the northernmost reaches of Alltel’s network (Virginia). Since Alltel was in the process of being eaten by Verizon, which does offer service in NH, I had no problem making and receiving calls because Alltel was already piggy-backing on Verizon’s towers. (I couldn’t send photos anymore, but this was hardly a big concern.) I figured that I would bide my time until spring and then hop over to Verizon, assuming I’d be let out of my Alltel contract as long as I switched to this carrier. But then my phone died last month, so I had to act earlier than I wanted to. Fortunately they are letting me out of my contract as long as I port my digits over to a Verizon account.
I’m sure that last paragraph is of intense interest to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Cast your vote: Worst corporate Web site”

  1. I nominate Fisher Scientific for worst website by a major life sciences vendor.
    If you’re not sure exactly what you want, good luck trying to decide using their site. A good site gives you a page of thumbnail pics when you want to look at a number of items in some category. With Fisher, you have to click on each product individually to see a pic, assuming there is one. (Frequently, there isn’t.) Text descriptions are skimpy and often useless.
    The only good way to find things at Fisher is to use their door-stop printed catalog. That at least has pics of most items, allowing you to flip through a few pages quickly to find what you want. Funny they can include the pics in a printed catalog, but can’t get them onto their website.

  2. Perhaps by design, it’s almost impossible to track down the customer service phone number.

    Oh, it’s by design. That’s why so many sites now have pre-fabbed FAQs for to choose from when “contacting” customer support, or try to force you to run through online “help” before letting you get an email form — and if you want a phone number, forget it.
    Not too long after I began using Twitter I posted something which is the only tweet I’ve marked as a personal favorite: “The reason efficiency experts are bad for business is that good customer service is always inefficient.”

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