Facebook is a cesspool, part 1

Like a lot of people I waste time on Facebook. And a pure waste of time it is, because for a person with no interest in either socializing or networking to muck around on a “social networking” site represents a spitting in the face of good sense. Mostly, I post blatantly false status updates in the hope of brightening someone’s day, occasionally mixing in something that’s not a lie just to see if anyone will fall for the truth. In short, I see little merit in having an account there; I’ve re-connected (if only virtually) with some high-school friends thanks to the place and even used it to drive a little traffic to this blog, but droll self-amusement has its limits and is no substitute for honest masturbation.
That said, there’s some funny aspects to the place. Facebook keeps changing its layout and adding features, neither of which actions have done much to brighten the experience of logging on. But one of the newer features is the ability to give a “thumbs-up” to your friends’ posted notes, photos, and so on. (Interestingly, there’s no “thumbs-down” option.)
Here’s an example of a grin-inducing outcome:

There’s also a longstanding option for the truly misguided: the freedom to post your relationship status, for better or for worse. Combining this depravity with the “likes this” thing already noted, you can find amusing results such as this one:

Thanks to Passive-Aggressive Notes, from which I completely stole this whole post–I would have just linked and left it at that, but I felt the need to introduce the rationale for this exciting new post category.

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