It’s nice to know members of Congress have their priorities in order

To wit: A U.S. Representative from Virginia named Randy Forbes has introduced a resolution, H.Con.Res. 34, that is titled “Calling upon the Capitol Preservation Commission and the Office of the Architect of the Capitol to place the Lincoln-Obama Bible on permanent display upon the Lincoln table at the Capitol Visitor Center for the benefit of all its visitors to fully understand and appreciate America’s history and Godly heritage” and includes the clause, “Whereas the Holy Bible is God’s Word.”
These godders who keep agitating for the government to preferentially wrap its gnarly fingers around Christianity are just relentless. Politicians know better than anyone else that this kind of thing won’t fly, but it never stops them. Besides, what real-world difference would it make even if Congress did this? Why not pass a bill acknowledging that Marvin the Martian is the absolute coolest extraterrestrial ever?
On a somewhat related note, I don’t know how people can stand to watch C-SPAN, or practically anything dealing chiefly in U.S. politics. Yesterday I spent an hour watching a pulsating asshole from California named Dana Rohrabacher spout lie after lie about global warming. He systematically recited all of the same canards that the dumbest shitbloggers do: The earth has been cooling since 1998, scientists were predicting an Ice Age in the mid-1970s so why trust them now, “climate change” was a term coined as a mans of back-pedaling from “global warming,” and so on. The whole time he was at the podium, Rohrabacher was smiling, as he knew very well he was lying. Before he spoke, some other winking bungpore, one of too many drawling douche-rockets from Texas to count, had uttered many of the same lies, as those representing energy interests are happy to do.
It’s one thing to see this crap on the Internet, when the words of its excretors can be uncoupled from the people actually doing the excreting. But actually watching lies pour directly out of people’s faces adds some real acid to the proceedings, be they members of Congress or otherwise. I don’t know what I’d be writing at the moment had I watched any of the most egregious crazies like Jim DeMint or James Inhofe speak.
I’m quite certain that if I became a regular watcher of C-SPAN, Fox News, Hardball, Countdown, or any of the other usual suspects, I would never take part in another election.

4 thoughts on “It’s nice to know members of Congress have their priorities in order”

  1. Politicians know better than anyone else that this kind of thing won’t fly, but it never stops them.

    That’s the whole point — it’s the best of both worlds for them. They can use this kind of grandstanding to tell the Faithful that they did their best, that the Forces Of Godless Secularism conspired against their Holy True American Work, etc.
    Best of all, they can do it secure in the knowledge that it will never go anywhere, allowing them to do it all again next year. Like abortion and all the other tokens of the Culture War, it’s a gift that goes on giving.

  2. Dana Rohrabacher was reelected? Fuck! I was hoping he’d get swept out of office last November. Oh well, I guess that he and Michele Bachmann prove that there are still pockets in this country where the people just don’t get it.

  3. The economic ship of state is holed and sinking. The appointees to the executive branch, the financial controllers who could help patch the holes are tardy and their organizations are forces to work with a skeleton crew.
    The ship is sinking and I’m tempted to say this guy is rearranging the deck chairs. But it is worse than that. Deck chairs are useful items. If you know it’s likely your going to have to swim you might as well sit down, take off your shoes, rest a bit before the coming exertion. A chair would be just the thing. Quite handy.
    This guy is spending his otherwise valuable time rearranging the placement of a single, useless, totally irrelevant book of myths.

  4. It’s been too long since I had read your vitriolic outrage, Kevin. It always gives me strength when I feel I’m drowning in a sea of fucktards. Thanks.

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