Bruno vs. a pastor who cures The Gay

If you haven’t heard of Bruno, you’ve surely heard of Borat. Both characters, as well as Ali-G, are played by Sacha Baron Cohen, who has gained fame and notoriety by functioning as something of a roving, demented, incognito Stephen Colbert. Both Colbert and Baron Cohen’s various personalities lure unsuspecting people with known prejudices or other resonant oddities–politicians, religious types, drunken frat boys–into interviews or other interactive situations for the purpose of playing out furlongs of metaphorical rope into their unwitting victims’ hands and capturing the resulting self-lynching on film. Adding to the humor is the improbable fact that there remain people so culturally ignorant that they do not know what the Colbert Report and the Baron Cohen “gang” are all about.
In the video below, which I noticed during a spin through Daniel Florien’s Unreasonable Faith, Bruno interviews an Arkansas pastor in order to elicit his opinions on the rightness and wrongness of various behaviors between men–“being fabulous,” showering with a friend, and so on. The pastor is humorless but composed throughout, excepting the final minute or so, in which he becomes increasingly agitated and irrational, albeit in a low-key way.
Baron Cohen is a genius when it comes to productions like this. Enjoy five minutes of grade-A pwnership below the fold.

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