Adam Carolla and Seth MacFarlane on atheism

It’s always interesting to listen to successful comics and producers of funny or clever media discuss religion, because chances are it’s something to which they’ve given ample thought.
Adam Carolla is a comedian who has appeared an various television and radio shows and served as the voice of various characters. Seth MacFarlane is the outspoken creator of The Family Guy, a sci-fi buff, and at 35 the highest-paid television writer and producer in history. These guys may be entertainers rather than “New Atheists” or scientists, but their views and insights are scarcely different–they’re merely funnier (not that I imagine any of you would do this anyway, but don’t play this clip out loud at work).
Of note: MacFarlane was supposed to be on American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles the morning of September 11, 2001, but between his travel agent giving him an incorrect departure time and a hangover, he failed to make it to Logan Airport on time. Flight 11 was later hijacked and crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center.