Say no to tolerance!

Sometimes, people are all too eager to let us know what they really think of those who don’t share their ideas.

In recent years tolerance has become a word that you hear most everyday, you hear it at work, at school, on the news and sadly in some churches. The idea that we must ‘tolerate’ the ideas and beliefs of others and that we must allow them to believe whatever lie they choose is rampant in today’s society.
This idea of tolerating lies and allowing people to believe whatever ‘truth’ (meaning lie they choose to believe) they choose, is not compatible with Christian doctrine or the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.
According to the Bible tolerance isn’t allowing people to believe whatever they choose but rather tolerance is the ability to suffer and bear with your brother.
As a Christian I am called to be an imitator of Christ and look to Him as my example for how life is to be lived. Looking at the actions of Christ, I see that the things He did would be called intolerant by today’s society.
All this talk of ‘personal truth’ and relativism is just the type of thing that Paul was talking about in verse 21, futile speculation. We speculate that life evolved from nothing, we speculate that maybe life doesn’t begin until after birth, we speculate that immorality isn’t sin if both people feel it is okay for them.
This idea of tolerance of anything and everything for the sake of convenience is very appealing but also very wrong.
I for one am ready to take a stand, it has been said that “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” so lets take a stand. Let us say no to ‘tolerance’ and stand firmly rooted on the Word of God, the only real Truth in this dark and foolish world.

Although it’s not clear what the writer means by “take a stand,” it’s always charming when people who believe in imaginary friends not only can’t be encouraged to view things rationally, but think that rationality itself should not be tolerated.
It cuts both ways–I can’t tolerate the idea of whatever enfeebled hominid lifeform that created this reproducing.

6 thoughts on “Say no to tolerance!”

  1. Good to know the American Taliban has lots of good little foot soldiers ready to take away your rights.

  2. Imitation of Christ was a great Psychedelic Furs tune from their first album.

  3. Imitation of Christ was a great Psychedelic Furs tune from their first album.

  4. “In recent years tolerance has become a word that you hear most everyday”
    I hear it so often that I can no longer tolerate it….

  5. Isn’t it clear that the religious are the biggest recepients of the kind of tolerance this guy deplores. These guys call it relativism when we don’t believe their truth claims. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in any truth claims.

  6. Riding home one day i even saw this uncompromising POV has its own license plate frame.
    Lately their mantra is “Tolerance is apparently a one-way street for liberals”. By which they mean, it’s a darn shame they can’t teach Intelligent Design in biology class. Or pray in class or tell students that condoms have a 10% failure rate, or whatever other lie de jour they’re peddling.
    I’m just beggared by whatever standard of “truth” they’re applying. Really… what?

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