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From Stop the ACLU:

SF Chron Reports ‘Massive’ Anti-War Protest, Completely Ignored Equally Large Cincy Tea Party
-By Warner Todd Huston
Back on March 15, Noel Sheppard noted that the San Francisco Chronicle completely ignored the thousands of average Americans that came together in Cincinnati, Ohio to protest Obama’s unprecedented take over of the US economy. The Cincinnati Tea Party truly was massive but is just one of the many dozens of Tea Party protests that have occurred — and are continuing to occur — all across the country in the last two months. Still, the SF Chronicle didn’t see any reason to cover the rally.
But never fear for the Chronicle does enjoy a good protest, nonetheless. As long as it’s of a leftist, anti-war flavor, of course. Witness the Chron’s coverage of the “Massive anti-war, anti-Wall Street protest in San Francisco” from this weekend, March 21.

Yes, how utterly bizarre that a San Francisco-based newspaper would give a San Francisco event coverage while ignoring one in Cincinnati. But that’s the liberal MSM for you.
You can watch the clown who wrote this thing yack about guns, “Lefties,” and the Second Amendment in this video. It’s wholly unoriginal, but although I don’t visit Stop the ACLU often, it’s always nice to be able to put an ass to a face.

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  1. I don’t know. A bunch of morons chanting “porkulus” and thumping their half read copies of Atlus Shrugged in the middle of the work day doesn’t seem like news to me. Especially when the person they are protesting is running at around a 60% approval rating while overseeing two wars and an economic cluster fuck.
    I live in an area that is prone to bitching over big gubmint and have only heard about a few teabagger parties with few in attendance. I guess most people are to worried.

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