My March Madness malaise

I haven’t followed college basketball closely since around 1991, when, if I remember correctly, a shady but powerful squad of 23-year-olds from UNLV in the Jerry Tarkanian days squared off against Duke, a team of choirboys by comparison and led by Christian Laettner, for the national title. But the day before this year’s tourney started, I was enticed to join an online contest, with as the host. Since I didn’t know squat, having only hours to submit my picks wasn’t a problem.
My progress has been interesting. At two different points on Friday, during the opening round (for those who don’t know, there are 64 teams to start), I was in the 89th percentile of participants site-wide, but my picks in games in progress were foundering. Sure enough, I started to tumble. Now, going into the Sweet Sixteen that begins tomorrow, I am ahead of only 9% of participants, and am 19th out of 20 in my group, trailing 17 human beings and a chicken. The one I’m ahead of is also a chicken.
The thing is, I could actually rally and win. I’m the only one of the “Gizmo Goons” who picked Kansas to take it all, and they’re still in, as are my other Final Four picks.
If you enjoy schadenfreude, you can look at my bracket here.

One thought on “My March Madness malaise”

  1. Kevin Kevin Kevin…Kansas? Why Kansas?
    One of the years that Kentucky won it all, I finished 101st in’s tournament challenge. This was back when there were a little less than 900,000 entries. But I took great pride in doing so well. Needless to say, I’ve never come remotely close to doing as well since then (including this year’s mess).
    I have always been a big fan of college basketball and I’m enjoying this year’s tournament as my alma mater is still alive.
    By the way, the link to your bracket is broken.

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