Following the Texas evolution fight in real time

Starting at 10 a.m. CDT today, the Texas Board of Education began a two-day process that will determine whether the nation’s second-most-populous state will trash its science education standards.

The Texas Freedom Network and Texas Citizens for Science are liveblogging the hearings. You can also listen to them live on the Texas Board of Education website.
If there was ever actually doubt over whether this row deals with legitimate concerns about what science to teach, consider who’s in Austin right now: Casey Luskin, the Free Market Foundation, and Focus on the Family, among others. I hope Luskin has to take a gram of Xanax to fall asleep at night, given that his job is literally to fly around the country and lie in ways intended to disrupt the education of American schoolchildren. Either he has no conscience or he squashes it with pharmaceuticals, but either way he’s somewhere between Dick Cheney and Charles Manson on the morality scale.

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