John West, pathetic whining punk

Naturally, the troupe of clowns constituting the Discovery Institute, the primary American ganglion in the slimy and slithering beast known as Intelligent Design creationism, are closely following the goings-on in Texas. Even before today’s win for the good guys, John West was already making a complete ass of himself for the umpteenth time and with the usual barrenness of cogitation and lack of originality.

Apparently Texas Board of Education member Rick Agosto isn’t just content to censor science by removing any criticisms of evolution from the science curriculum. The San Antonio Democrat even wants to prevent citizens from expressing their disagreement with that censorship. This morning Agosto demanded that some citizens quietly holding signs stating “Don’t Censor Science” at the Board meeting take down their signs. He even called on security personnel to forcibly remove the signs, but Board chair Don McElroy intervened to stop that abuse of power.

True to form, West’s first sentence is an unapologetic lie. This is just one more example of the DI bitching about scientific orthodoxy without mentioning what these scientific criticisms are and where they come from; there’s clearly no censorship at work here. His second sentence is therefore a lie as well. I don’t know exactly what went on with the protesters, but color me skeptical when it comes to the accuracy of West’s reportage, and since the sign-holders were allowed to carry on, he really has nothing to complain about. Besides, that whole angle is, like everything else the DI upholds as central to the evolution “debate,” a red herring.

Agosto’s over-the-top behavior toward non-disruptive attendees at the meeting followed his earlier denunciation of intelligent design as not being based on science. Agosto doesn’t appear to have actually read anything by intelligent design proponents…

See, this is where credible people provide a summary of why their critics are wrong, or at least a link or two to some oft-referenced argument refuting the critics. People routinely link to well-known pages on, for example, when a creationist lets fly with a canard about there being no transitional fossils or no evidence for speciation. West, of course, doesn’t offer any of this; he just tries to hand-wave away the idea that ID isn’t science. Sorry, John, lots of us have read things by intelligent design proponents, and they bear all the integrity and scientific content of an episode of a hardcore porn flick, except the acting in those is better.

…and his comments attacking intelligent design were completely gratuitous since the Board isn’t even considering adding intelligent design to the science standards.

Right; they’e trying to overturn evolution in favor of…what? A vacuum? It can’t be straight-up Biblical creationism, since that’s been illegal since the 1987 Supreme Court ruling in Edwards vs. Aguillard. So out with it, John–if Texas aimed to add ID creationism to its curriculum, you and the rest of the DI locusts wouldn’t be swarming around energetically, propagating even more bullshit than usual in an effort to make it happen?

Interestingly, at yesterday’s Board meeting Agosto used his right of personal privilege to bring back non-Texan Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education to speak before the Board. Because Scott spoke at the January meeting, she was supposed to be near the bottom of the speakers’ list yesterday in order to allow new people to testify.

Got that? Genie Scott is the executive director of the National Center for Science Education, and West (a Washingtonian) is complaining about her presence at a meeting held to determine critical amendments to the science teaching curriculum in America’s second-largest state because she’s not from Texas. It’s rare to see an argument that blatantly weak, even from this crew. Casey Luskin routinely shits on his keyboard when he tries to get in the trenches and argue science particulars, but at least his brand of stupid takes a token amount of routine fisking to expose. What West says here is just full-frontal moronic, and speaks to the DI’s global lack of of a tenable reason for opposting evolution.

But Agosto seems to have been more interested in hearing from arch-Darwinist Scott than hearing from his own constituents or other Texans patiently waiting to testify.

Quick! Someone add “arch-Darwinist” to the list of terms piling up here.

5 thoughts on “John West, pathetic whining punk”

  1. “Arch-Darwinist” should be added to the list of mono-moronic terms, but I think it also warrants addition to the AD&D Monster Manual: “Arch-Darwinist: A cantankerous, bristly-bearded demon whose mere presence disrupts the use of cleric and magic-user spells in a 30′ radius…”
    Glad to hear about the positive outcome in Texas, too.

  2. John, lots of us have read things by intelligent design proponents, and they bear all the integrity and scientific content of an episode of a hardcore porn flick, except the acting in those is better.

    Hey, at least the pr0n doesn’t require violation of physical laws and basic causality.
    OK, s/the pr0n/most pr0n/

  3. i called the cops on my refridgerator because it won’t stop breaking the 2nd law of thermodynamics

  4. Wait a minute. West is castigating a man who voted to remove the ancient age of the universe from the standards? Abstained from the vote to remove “analyze and evaluate the sufficiency or insufficiency of common ancestry to explain the sudden appearance, stasis, and sequential nature of groups in the fossil record?” And, apparently, voted in favor of other nonsense, too.
    West must have had a full-blown conniption fit when Agosto voted “no” on the 3A “S&W” language, despite all the other anti-science crappola that Agosto apparently supports.

  5. Behold the jar of peanut butter the IDist worst nightmare. With millions of jars made each year not once has the creator decided to create a whole ecosystem in one.
    Every time I here them talk I get the image of a junior high science fair and some kid getting an F because he had absolutely no idea what the scientific method was.

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