New Hampshire House approves same-sex marriage bill

New Hampshire could become the third state to allow same-sex marriages. This afternoon, the House of Representatives passed HB 436 by a narrow margin, 186-179. The bill now goes to the senate. I am not optimistic that it will pass there.
New Hampshire already allows civil unions. Connecticut and Massachusetts are the only two states that allow same-sex couples to marry.
Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, opposes same-sex marriage, but has repeatedly said that he’s not sure he’d veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

3 thoughts on “New Hampshire House approves same-sex marriage bill”

  1. Fingers crossed it will pass. Maryland, where I am, seems to be backsliding on civil rights (not passing a bill that would make violence against transgendered people a hate crime).

  2. Dammit! another state giving special rights to teh gay! I can just feel the value being sucked out of my “traditional” marriage by all the homosexers agendaing. Plus the baby Jaysus will cry and make a tornado or something. It’s all very bad.

  3. Look at the comments under this Concord Monitor story. There’s the usual array of “This will destroy straight marriage,” “What’s next, people marrying their pets?” and arguments from tradition, but my favorite might be this:
    “If being gay wasn’t wrong, then why do we need laws to be passed to make it legal to be married as such?”
    A true dose of the ol’ ultratarded. And this is in a blue state in the bluest part of the country. Imagine an article like this appearing in an Alabama newspaper? Not that such a bill would ever reach the House, of course.

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