Maybe Florida needs a bestiality law after all

First there was this. After that comes a woman from Sarasota County who has a thing for child pornography. Then, things get really strange:

Sarasota County Deputies have arrested a woman who videotaped herself having sex with two dogs.
Deputies say Caroline Willette videotaped herself having sex with two dogs and watching child pornography with a friend.
The 53-year-old gave a CD with the images to an acquaintance, who turned it over to police. Willette is in Sarasota County Jail and is charged with three counts of possessing child porn.
Willette admitted to detectives that she had sex with the animals in her home and watched young girls perform sex acts on the Internet.

Ms. Willette may be the kind of person who, in personal ads, describes herself as “adventurous,” “an animal lover,” and “a film buff.” In any event, I wouldn’t want to be the judge in this case, and I’d want to be the presently unnamed “friend” even less.

8 thoughts on “Maybe Florida needs a bestiality law after all”

  1. Refresh my memory. Isn’t ‘abcactionnews’ (a) unrelated to American Broadcasting Corp, and (b) a tabloid that makes shit up?

  2. llewelly — I’m actualy not sure, but the Sarasota Herald-Tribune has an item on this as well, so the report seems to be real.
    ABC Action News is based in Tampa. In Florida, you really don’t need to make weird shit up. That would be like setting up shop in a small Texas town and inventing stories about radicals who reject modern biology, give half their income to their pastor, and oppose the presence of adult bookstores.

  3. Well, it seems like ABC Action News is on WFTS, which is indeed an official ABC affiliate – not that that would necessarily prevent them from making stuff up, though.
    I think the ‘related links’ their CMS generated below the article are quite funny:
    “Bestiality legal in Florida, for now” is, admittedly, a related topic, whereas “Man discovers horses are actually police officers” thankfully turns out to have nothing to do with bestiality. That would have been an undercover sting no cop would ever volunteer for…

  4. Thank you, Kevin and Phillip.
    (On the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t thank people who diminish my hopes that an article like this is false.)

  5. Am I missing something?
    Yes. And be thankful you are.
    I’ve been living in FL for 4 years. All I can say is Carl Hiaasen’s characters are tame when compared to the real Floridians.

  6. Spirula,
    My experience is similar to yours. Between 2004 and 2006, I did a 20-month stint in Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton when my then girlfriend was in school at FAU. Then last year I went back for a seven-month bid in Sarasota. I first started reading Hiaasen in 1996, and assumed he was exaggerating the shadiness, futility, and all-around corrupt nature of his characters, but I quickly learned that is anything he was toning things down for his novels. Just look at the front page of the Sun-Sentinel on any given day.
    He has two collections of his old Miami Herald columns in print; you should read those if you haven’t already.

  7. Thanks Kevin,
    I check out Carl’s stuff on a routine basis, but I’m sure I’ve missed a lot.
    I like your blog submissions. I’m an Ex-Christian, and I’m also a zoologist. It was my disaffection with the creationist explanations that paved the way to my current outlook. I guess they didn’t see that one coming.
    (For the record, I went to a conservative christian high school and college. Strangeways indeed.)
    Anyway, I have little tolerance for these creationists.
    “Covered ground” and all.
    Your engaging them has my full support…but I have no stomach for it.
    Anyway “Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton”! Hell, that’s a brain trust compared to the area surrounding Gainesville. My kids live in Jacksonville. I call the drive “cracker alley”. I’ve lived in GA, TN, NC as well. These people drop the bar to “cabbage IQ”.

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