Yah! Fight the power and burn dem bulbs!

Between 8:30 and 9:30 tonight (Eastern Daylight Time, US), I “observed” Earth Hour, which meant turning out all of the lights in the house for an hour. (I admit that I didn’t unplug my laptop and go to battery power.) I was having Internet connectivity problems at 8:30, so I decided the dog could use another walk. This afforded me the opportunity to gauge how many of my neighbors at least appeared to be on board, but this wasn’t easy because it’s kind of a sleepy community in any case. I suspect a lot of the people around here were unaware of the suggestion to go dim for an hour anyway.
But there were plenty of people who were well aware of Earth Hour who were not content to ignore it, instead using it as one more means of proving to the world how stupid they are. If anyone still needs convincing that wingnuts place ideology not only ahead of thinking but before self-interest, posts like this should do the trick.

Seriously. I am going to turn on every light, plug something in to as many sockets as possible, turn BOTH of my ovens on, the TVs and the stereo will be blasting… Oh, there’s gonna be a GRAND ol’ parTAY here at the CatHouse tonight.
“Earth Hour.”
PFFFT! Those bleeding heart eco-freaks make me nauseous…
UPDATE: My dear blog-brother, Scott is upping the ante… You go, man!

Yeah, that’ll help. And then when this moron’s electric bill comes next month, she’ll probably bitch about how high it is and claim this is a result of excessive government regulation.
There is no good reason at all why self-described conservatives should view energy conservation as a strictly liberal cause; even haters of Obama and everything else with a (D) after its name are, in theory, concerned with their utility bills even if they don’t give a rip about the environment in general. I guess the road to being a REAL AMERICAN is paved with lame little quasi-protests aimed solely at symbolically spitting in someone’s face. I think the U.S. has some kind of a national prayer day every year, but you won’t see atheists gathering en masse in church parking lots in GOD SUCKS T-shirts or leaving Freedom From Religion Foundation newsletters all over the place on that day (a comparison that fits only politically and breaks down at the level of practicality; energy conservation is useful, prayer a waste of time).
In short, people are under no obligation to follow Earth Hour, and indeed they are welcome to flaunt it. It’s just that doing so exposes people now and forever as motivated only by hate and scorn. I think the only thing that gives some of these nuts genuine pleasure is war and death.

Then again, what does anyone expect of a clone of Jerri from Strangers With Candy? She had serious issues. And do you know which one is which? (Image and inspration courtesy of meatbrain.)

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  1. On the downside, here in NZ, at least one of my friends had rocks thrown at her property and abuse yelled at her for not observing earth hour. I personally didn’t bother with it as it’s mostly feelgood stuff (regardless of climate change, energy efficiency and pollution reduction is a goal worth pursuing _in its own right_, not as a moral adjunct to other causes.) and I’ve already reduced my carbon footprint by other means (CFB’s, and supplying most of my material goods via second hand means rather than using new consumer goods, and I once single handedly stopped a mining company destroying 5 square km of environmentally delicate terrain (and they paid me for it!)) So I think I can safely ignore Earth Hour with a clear conscience.

  2. Sometimes I get the impression some of these wingnuts would cut off their own penises if they thought it would offend a liberal. Well, I for one would be very offended, so they better start looking for some clean, sharp blades.

  3. Kat goes through the typical shitbird cycle of projection (“Intolerance and a definite lack of humor, most particularly about themselves … Well, I can satisfy myself that they’re working themselves into an ulcer and a life of crippled, mean-spirited hate, twisted in upon themselves”) and denial (“Me, I think I’m going to go laugh and live life and enjoy my family”) before being unable to restrain herself at the very end:
    (Oh, yeah, and meatbrain? You and your idiot friends are still banned.)
    If she were genuinely amused at being called out and maligned, she wouldn’t be compelled to ban people. I haven’t tried to comment there and would no more bother with that than I would sitting down among a group of orangutans and describing how to program a DVD player, but I’m certain that if I identified myself, I’d get the heave-ho no matter what I said because this is how wingnuts operate–create an echo chamber that does not admit of dissenting input and rant to a decerebrately appreciative choir. There may even be a handbook somewhere.
    The irony of her yammering “Mission accomplished” is uterly lost on her.

  4. The problem I had with the whole thing was the idea of encouraging people to switch from electric light to candlelight to raise awareness about energy issues – candlelight is the least energy-efficient form of lighting ever devised. Me, I was illuminated (as usual) by a single 11W CFL powered by renewable electricity – switching that off in favour of inefficiently burning petroleum by-products would hardly be a step in the right direction.
    It seems to me to be promoting a fundamentally unscientific (even anti-scientific) approach to the problem – the idea that the lowest-tech solution is preferable, rather than the most efficient solution. Let’s see a lifecycle analysis of all those candles, please!

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