Same-sex marriage virus appears to be spreading

Just look at this crap. Support for gay marriage bans is failing at an unprecedented rate in the United States. Granted, our cultural mainstays from Oklahoma to South Carolina are standing strong, and (ironically) pink in this map. But then you have these fuckers from New England and New York who are all infected with the liberal Massachusetts virus getting all uppity, plus write-offs like Nevada (a Satanic outpost if ever there was one) and curious places like Oregon and Washington state, which no one cares about anyway. I suppose Alaska doesn’t count given that its governor can’t figure out what she thinks about the issue even when prepped, along with the fact that the sun is below the horizon something like 23 hours a day. Usually.
What’s this country coming to? Next the blacks will want to vote, and you know where that’s going to lead: Women.

8 thoughts on “Same-sex marriage virus appears to be spreading”

  1. The way will soon be clear for granting citizenship rights to all great apes (i.e., as long as they haven’t come into this country illegally).

  2. You know it’s a pile when a man can suck on a you know what LEGALLY before one can bogart a joint. What a f?cked up country your running sC-blog.

  3. The story about the Youtube murderer is disturbing and sad. That guy was plainly a mess long before Jesus got to him or vice-versa. People that flagrantly fundamentalist surely can’t be made that way solely by religion or anything else besides deranged neurochemistry, but they can often hide out in rampant faith until it’s too late. He couldn’t have been many steps ahead of guys screaming about repentance and the whore of Bablylon on big-city street corners.
    Then you’ve got your workaday idiots like these. Where do people who say things like “Historically every culture that has embraced homosexuality has collapsed” get their ideas? There’s only so much room up any one person’s ass…right?

  4. Wait, so black people voting is what caused the existence of women? I wonder how people reproduced before then.

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