Hiaasen lights up the Florida legislature

And it figures that his voice of opposition is from the one place I refuse to live even under penalty of death:

In particular, Bogdanoff worries about the impact that a cigarette tax would have on convenience stores — not exactly the bedrock of our economy, but these are the establishments where most young smokers buy their Marlboros and Camels.
”Twenty-two percent of all sales in convenience stores are cigarettes,” Bogdanoff said. “We need to look at everything. If they don’t go in to buy cigarettes, they don’t buy the Coke. They don’t buy the chips.”
And if they don’t buy the chips, then they don’t buy the beef jerky! God help us!
The citizens of Broward County should feel proud to have a representative who bravely stands up for capitalism at all costs and says to hell with the public’s health.

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  1. Are you kidding me? Living in Florida is a lot of fun. I tried to read the Carl Hiassen novels Nature Girl and Striptease and I just couldn’t get into them, because why read fictional versions of this stuff when the real thing happens around me all the time?

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