Cyanohominids gone wild

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Blue Man Group, but I saw them perform last night at the Charles Playhouse in Boston and was very impressed. In an uninterrupted show lasting about an hour and forty-five minutes, this mute trio and its supporting cast of a (mostly) unseen band and others behind the scenes combined percussion-heavy experimental rock (I especially liked the banging on PVC piping), gags reminiscent of a psychedelic version of The Three Stooges, various props, and a multimedia blitz (short films, posters, big-beat style house music) to keep about 500 of us captivated the whole time. The Blue Men interact with the audience, selecting victims at random to take part in antics such as putting a white body suit on a guy, hanging him upside-down, covering him with blue paint, and creating a work of “art” by rocking the human pendulum up against a piece of poster board a few times.
I don’t think this or any description does what these characters do justice, but if you live near Boston, New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, Berlin, or Tokyo, you can catch a show any day of the week. In the video below, they demonstrate how to play the “drumbone.”

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