Domino’s would taste better seasoned with boogers and farts anyway

The path toward film superstardom starts with tiny steps, as this clip indicates. When I heard about this on the news I was tempted to think that the perps were actively aiming to make Domino’s look bad, but then I watched it. This pair is not what you’d call sophisticated, and I’m betting they really did just think they were being funny.

3 thoughts on “Domino’s would taste better seasoned with boogers and farts anyway”

  1. One of the many lessons to be drawn from this episode is a re-framing (sorry, couldn’t resist:) of that old adage: Put all your eggs in one basket and guard that basket carefully.
    For that reeling, independent store owner, buying into the Dominos franchise may have seemed like a good idea at the time but now s/he’s seen the downside of being in the Dominos basket, perhaps being a truly independent capitalist may look a little more attractive than being just another corporatist domino.
    But that’s not the end. All franchisees are in a position to reevaluate the value – and liability – of the Dominos brand.

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