Far worse than listening to Sarah Palin speak…

…is watching everyone in a large, packed auditorium nod and cheer at her every vapid, backward utterance. One moron continually making a fool of herself in the spotlight can be laughed into the societal corner. Knowing that may thousands of people support her unconditionally makes me want to bring a mattock crashing down upon my own head.
Addressing an addled sampling of Indiana’s populace at the Vandeburgh County Right-to-Life dinner tonight, Palin once again exposed both her basic lack of intellectual candlepower and her 10-kiloton hypocrisy, prating on about the importance of abstinence despite the fact that she was well aware of her daughter Bristol’s sexual involvement with Levi Johnston, delivering more plaintive and dishonest pro-life tripe, and just sounding–again–like a madly winking anus would sound if backed by a sufficiently strong and steady supply of searing intestinal effluvia.
Why won’t this idiot disappear from national politics? Because millions of idiot Americans keep her afloat with unabashed support. They don’t care that her ideas are so backward as to be legitimately frightening were she actually in a position to do anything. She is terribly stupid. That is not a crime, but it is not an ideal qualification for political office, either. Her record in Alaska makes it clear that she is crooked, and based on her religious positions, she is possibly insane.
Look, America, there’s only so much of the blame Palin herself can absorb for continuing her surreal, incompetent stagger around the country. Wise the hell up. Wake the hell up. We all have reasons for liking and disliking certain government officials, but anyone who legitimately supports Palin needs to see a neurologist, lay off the mescaline, visit a whorehouse, or some combination of the three.
With that, I leave you with a ten-minute clip I ordinarily would not post here, being puritanical and all. This is explosively acidic comedian Doug Stanhope talking about Palin in Philadelphia last October. You have been warned: This is profane, and it uses some rather indelicate terminology. I loved it.

3 thoughts on “Far worse than listening to Sarah Palin speak…”

  1. It does not take place 1 day without the press speaking of Governor of l ‘ Alaska. As though his success has already inspired 2012 which defers has come.
    There are 8 Governors women and Sarah Palin is in first page. Whoooââh !

  2. Sounds like you need to get back on your meds or maybe check in for some shock treatments.

  3. Palin is still repeating the same stupid liesYes, you can see Russia from Alaska,” she said to much laughter.

    Thus ignoring the criticism already justly made of this trope long ago: 1) Palin has never been to that far-flung island in Alaska from which one can see Russia. 2) Seeing into a country across its border is not a particularly impressive piece of foreign policy experience.La pathetique.

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