There are some dumb kids on YouTube

This kid repeats himself for about two minutes straight. I don’t think he’s going to develop into an especially sophisticated thinker in the near future.

5 thoughts on “There are some dumb kids on YouTube”

  1. Assuming an embryo is given equal standing to a child and assuming that no errors would be made in convicting someone of first degree murder, his argument is not that bad. There is also an economic problem since death penalty cases are much more expense than life penalty and that money could be better spent.
    I find the guy below much worse. He probably thinks he is doing a public service and helping people who watch his video. I’d suggest he stop using the cheese grater on his lambskin condoms.

  2. No, see, the point is obviously that to care about human life, you need to put greater importance on cells vs. fully formed human life. It says so in the bible somewhere, but how would they know, it’s not like they ever read it.

  3. I wonder why he even touch this topic? I guess he has no right to say something harsh like “who got an abortion should get a death penalty”. Does he really cares about other lifes if he says so?
    I would like to know what his parents told him…
    to “The VAGINA IS FILLED WITH AIDS”: I feel that I won’t drink any more soya drink for the rest of my life… I hope those “scientific” researches he wrote about wasn’t that one on youtube…

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