I’m a regular reader of Thinking Meat, a blog titled in honor of a short sci-fi story by Terry Bisson. The blogger who maintains the page has an almost heroic ability to suffer far-right nutbags, fools, hypocrites, and douchenozzles. Every time I think I’m going well out of my way to tear into a moron, I see that meatbrain is doing yeoman work, often taking on a half-dozen whack jobs at once.
One of his favorite targets is “Cao,” who’s never met a lie she doesn’t like. Cao is typical of hypercon, anti-intellectual bloggers in that she insists on a deploying farcical bad-ass mascot, in her case the much more respectable Sarah Connor (old-school version) from the Terminator franchise. This is so common as to be a nutter standard; Gribbit has his mentally challenged bulldog with shades, while “Big Dog” has his, well, dog thing. Then there are the people who insist on reminding visitors in a half-dozen ways that they are, in fact, right-wingers, as if the American flag splash wasn’t a dead giveway, and as if the nonsense gun-freak prose wasn’t an immediate tip-off. One can only assume such types are using literal cartoon characters in order to compensate for lives that aren’t exactly what these bloggers hoped for.
Also, it seems that only winger bloggers are compelled to include disclaimers of any sort–e.g., “If you don’t like this place, kiss my ass.” It’s as if they understand at some dim level not only that they offend people, but that they are not at all clever in so doing and are only using the blunt force of noise to reach their ends. They may even know how utterly stupid they are in some cases, although I suppose that sort of insight is a contradiction.
Anyway, Cao, in her endless (and anonymous) quest to “out” meatbrain, decided she would take a screen shot of a Chimp Refuge post to which meatbrain commented. It’s not difficult to determine that the blogger is in no way identifying himself, or being identifed, as the writer Terry Bisson. Nevertheless, Cao, being a wingnut and therefore unable to tell the truth, insists that meatbrain claimed to be Bisson. meatbrain blogged about this, and the posts he links to on Cao’s site offer an interesting case study in flagrant self-important wingstress dishonesty.
I’m really not sure hy Cao such a difficult time distinguishing between “inspired by” and “is.” Our blog was inspired in part by primatology, but that doesn’t mean my name is actually Joan Bushwell. I’m pretty sure none of my co-bloggers go by that name either. Usually.

4 thoughts on “Typical”

  1. Our blog was inspired in part by primatology, but that doesn’t mean my name is actually Joan Bushwell. I’m pretty sure none of my co-bloggers go by that name either. Usually.
    Good thing you added “Usually”. You’ve never seen me on a Saturday night after too much chili and beer.

  2. I left a comment on the Cao blog…

    Uh–chromosomal affiliation = gender. XX / XY and all that. Kevin said “He (I believe)…” a guess about chromosomal compliment that turned out to be correct. Hence the remark.
    Also, literary reference does not equal copyright infringement.
    your smugness doesn’t look quite so smug now, does it?
    Oops..did I rip you off :'(

  3. Right-wingers and blogs that disallow, filter out, or alter comments go hand in hand. And I’m not talking about frankly profane comments, I’m talking about anything that makes them look stupid. Gribbit has another global warming post that may be his dumbest yet.
    I can’t believe the trouble Cao went to in creating that montage thing. And she claims meatbrain is obsessed with her and other wackanutty bloggers.

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