Toxic evangelism, Xtranormal-style

You may have noticed that I’ve made myself scarce lately. I’ve had a lot of work to do, am badly behind on submitting a sample chapter of a book that is a guaranteed “go” if I get off my ass and finish the sample, and on top of that I had a recent and fatal laptop crash. And I’ve been neglectful of the marathoners I coach. And I’ve been slacking on my own running and turning into a lardbelly.
But having just discovered, I have what may become my most cherished online time sink ever. t’s always something. This video incorporates a four-year old rant from a now-defunct blog and I have to say that the British accent, the visuals, and the sound effects make for a significant enhancement of the original post. If nothing else it makes another dose of vitriol about the religious right seem more lighthearted–at least if you have my sense of humor.