7 thoughts on “How to subdue an unruly T. Rex

  1. Those great big coconut-crunching teeth may look ferocious, but this great beast was not a meat-eater before the fall. The T-Rex would lay down with the lamb, in those days, and those stories about lambs mysteriously disappearing are just not true – they are the lies of Eve.

  2. “A copy of my autobiography to anyone…ANYONE who can give Junior here a whole lot of coconuts like RIGHT NOW!!”

  3. KH: See the lamb-like behavior of this magnificent beast, revealed as it was before the fall of man! It’s studied indifference to eating me is testament to Dog’s love!

    TR: Come closer, tender morsel. Just a little closer and tarry a while with me.(And while we so pass the time let me tell you how many predators employ studied indifference to lull prey into a sense of false security. We know that you will then nearly walk into our jaws happily unaware that we are looking at you very closely, noting everything.)

    KH: When creation was new and perfect, before the disobedience of its highest manifestation, man, all creatures lived in harmony and accord.

    TR: Just a little bit closer, oh, my snack. My indulgence. (Be still, my belly. All in good time. All in good time.)

  4. “The appetizer standing in front of the short mic was tasty, but for the entree I’m in the mood for some Ham.”

  5. “Outside of a Tyrannosaurus rex, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a Tyrannosaurus rex, it’s too dark to read.” (Sorry Groucho)

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