Welcome to the humbler primate house

After three years at ScienceBlogs.com, we three troglodytes have decided to take our shit-splattered cage and move it WordPress. We’ve imported all of our posts and comments–some 1,900 and 10,000 respectively–to the new digs, although not without the inevitable glitches (for some reason, a lot of my posts were duplicated, with one copy credited to me and one to Doc Bushwell and any comments to the original split haphazardly between them). But the price is right, and, although Seed Media was gracious enough to pay us to blog without imposing a shred of editorial oversight or control, we feel more comfortable posting irrelevant nonsense in our own stinking corner of the Internet zoo than in a domain ostensibly dedicated to science topics.

This is a blog entirely without a theme. If you’re familiar with what we have written in the past, expect more of the same–i.e., anything from hard pharmacology to fan fiction from Doc, material ranging from distance-running coverage to sarcastic rants from me, and stuff spanning the spectrum from political commentary to acoustics and the neurophysiology of drumming from Jim.

Oh, we have a comment policy: Say whatever the fuck you want, but keep it at least as clean as a George Carlin or Chris Rock monologue. Well, almost as clean.

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