“If YOU Think Obama is Smart, I Know Someone Infinately More Intelligent”

Written without a trace of irony, of course. (Just hit “enter” when you see the “you are banned” page.) Gribbit is nothing if not infinitely stupid, and why he feels qualified to comment on anyone’s education is a mystery.

Here, he tries to extol the “virtues” of right-wing hack artist Thomas Sowell. Among other stupid things, Gribbit writes:

In these tough economic times does our President have a degree in economics? No, his is in law. That’s reassuring let me tell you.

Gribbit, surely having never seen the interior of a college lecture hall, does not know the difference between an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree. Obama’s bachelor’s degree, if anyone cares, is in political science. And I don’t recall Gribbit ever ripping G.W. Bush for not having an economics degree, but then again hypocrisy is the fuel on which all of these wingfuck blogs are powered.

Our problems now are Obama’s, Reid’s, Pelosi’s and the rest of their Democrat cohorts. Time to blame those who began this crap to begin with and stop living the fantasy that it was all George Bush’s and the Republican’s fault.

Which Republican is he talking about, I wonder? Gribbit needs a visit from Bob the Angry Flower.

Obama was well educated his entire life. Dr. Sowell had to pass a GED in order to be accepted to college.

Someone explain this to me–an asshole who rages almost daily (and albeit indirectly and with little focus) about the worthlessness of victim groups is suddenly aboard the Horatio Alger train? People are supposed to hold Thomas Sowell in special esteem because he dropped out of high school?

The Gribbits of the world can’t help but rally behind stories like this, because they, too, were undereducated as children. The thing is, Sowell, although a whack job, went on to get a doctorate degree, whereas the Gribbits of the species stalled at the point of getting (if not likely earning) a high-school diploma.

Yeah, Thomas Sowell’s genius puts Obama’s to shame. Fucking amazing.

4 thoughts on ““If YOU Think Obama is Smart, I Know Someone Infinately More Intelligent””

  1. “the Republican’s fault”

    Shouldn’t that be ” Republicans’ “? If not, who is “the Republican” – is this mysterious person the superhero who will rescue the Republican Party, or is it mean to be a superlative – the perfect Republican?

  2. I figure Dick Cheney is ‘The Republican’. Of all those involved in the Bush disaster, who could be more emblematic of the Republican party?

  3. No doubt just a coincidence that Sowell happens to be African American.

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