The most pointless blog post/Youtube video in the history of the Web

I’m headed to Boulder a week from Monday and will return on the 29th. The idea is to hook up with as many of the higher-profile runners as I can in order to conduct on-the-run interviews that I will integrate into the chapters of this book I’m allegedly about to get a contract to write.

I also learned today that there’s a good chance I will be covering the Himalayas 100-mile stage race in November. I never reckoned I would make it to New Delhi before seeing Europe, but hey.

2 thoughts on “The most pointless blog post/Youtube video in the history of the Web”

  1. I lived in Boulder for a while and it’s nothing like Colorado Springs. Once you get used to Trust Fund Hippie stench you should be alright. I suggest the first thing you do is beat the first hippie you see to a pulp. That should keep the others in line and they won’t bother you about spare change.

    If you like drinking large amounts of good beer around beautiful women and amazing scenery then you should have an excellent time.

  2. I actually have a residence to stay in, so the bridge thing is probably out. I don’t know exactly where in town the guy’s place is, but I don’t know the city. I know I’ll be sick of runners and cyclists after two weeks.

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