A thoroughly unpleasant surprise

I was perusing the Concord Monitor Web site last night when I was jolted by a name in the obituary section. One of my high-school classmates died this week.

Becky (Ross) Canter and I weren’t especially close, but we traveled in the same general circles and she always struck me as a sweetheart. More recently she was involved with the Concord Rolfe & Rumford home, a place for girls with nowhere else to go except into foster care.

She and I were Facebook friends, and although I admit it seems a touch morbid, her page remains live and people have been leaving all sorts of condolences for the family.

I know of no other people from the CHS class of 1988 who have departed the world, although Im sure I’m wrong and just haven’t kept up. It’s not something I want to get used to.

38 and with a daughter. Sometimes life is a joke, and most of the time the joke isn’t funny at all.

2 thoughts on “A thoroughly unpleasant surprise”

  1. The only other that I know of that has Gone Ahead is Jim Gannett , not sure if you knew him though. He had married Debbie Murray and was living in Dover. He died in 2007 of colon cancer.

  2. Oh, I did hear about that. Shame on me for forgetting. Jeff Shaw told me. Dover is where I live now–I wonder if Debbie is still here.

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