Interesting moral compass Catholic priests have

Let’s bugger young boys, or at least aid and abet the practice, but refuse to marry same-sex couples. Nice dichotomy.

I don’t think Catholic priests should be under any obligation to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies if they don’t want to (although I wonder how many gays looking to marry want to have it happen in a church anyway), and there are various U-U churches that are happy to subserve the same function. But the moral confusion of the RCC is astounding. Sure, let’s oppose condom distribution in HIV-ridden Africa, meanwhile sheltering pederast priests who should be brought up on felony charges but are being sheltered in the Vatican, all the while whimpering about the reality of homosexual romance.

Growing up in New Hampshire, virtually all of the religious types I hung out with–and there weren’t a slew up them–were Catholic. I used to think Catholics were considerably more reasonable than most godders, but I have had to abandon that idea. They’re also hypocrites for the most part.

Fuck those clowns. My dad suffered through Catholic school and my mom was raised a proper Baptist, and thank Zeus they never put me through that shitmill. Other than to the damage done to the sexually abused, I’m glad the RCC’s child rapists are helping to destroy their outdated, bumblefuck operation from the inside.