Why does our legislature act like assholes?

It’s bad enough to listen to shitasses yammer about gun control (and for the record I am not for limiting firearms purchases, except for semiautomatic weapons and such) but this is ridiculous:

The Senate on Tuesday night easily passed an amendment to credit card reform legislation that would allow concealed weapons in national parks. The vote was 67 to 29.

How did a concealed-weapons law ride in on the coattails of a piece of legislation aimed at credit-card debtors? That’s right. That fucking whacknut Tom Coburn.

We are not yet purged of shit-headed congresspeople.

3 thoughts on “Why does our legislature act like assholes?”

  1. No surprise here.

    Our elected leaders have been doing this for most of my life and all the lives of most citizens of voting age. It is a two edged sword by virtue of the observation that no matter who employs it, others will cry like pigs caught under the gate.

    I don’t like the process; it smacks of desperation and underhandedness. But, NB, our legislators are not efficient in their use of time. The amount of time dedicated to legislation is ridiculously short in all domestic jurisdictions.

    Under the same constraints of available time, skill in using it, the demands of the electorate and all those contributors and PACs who need special consideration as well as the demands to maintain a TeeVee ready persona and to be a hit with all the folks back home, most anyone would take a shortcut if it was available.

    Guns in parks? No sweat. Got em. Had em. Not much difference except that by virtue of such a decision it might be that a majority of the weapons are in the hands of responsible, licensed carriers rather than in the hands of yahoos. I’ve known plenty of both and there is no doubt in my mind who I would like to be better armed at any given moment. Like the moment a yahoo waves a gun at your children and starts quoting scripture.

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