Gingi Edmonds is at it again

Remember the pro-life sicko who claimed that the owner of an abortion clinic who lost nine family members in a plane crash essentially had it coming for screwing with God? Not surprisingly, her reaction to the murder of George Tiller was similar and perhaps worse. Read her June 1 entry:

Murder is murder, and it is something that we pro-lifers inherently deplore. But I can’t help but note – and my history is rusty so pardon me here – I’m trying to remember, did anyone mourn Lee Harvey Oswald when Jack Ruby gunned him down? Or better yet, did anyone mourn the deaths of Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, or any other mass murderer for that matter? Even according to the harebrained pro-choice life-at-viability reckoning, Tiller was indisputably a mass murderer who was executed in a fashion far more humane than the tens of thousands of children that he mutilated and left to die in cuddle session bassinets.

I mean, think about it. Someone just shot a Nazi guard manning the gas chamber at Aushwitz. I should feel bad about this? George Tiller the Baby Killer’s acts are every bit as vile as the Nazi war criminals who were hunted down, tried, and sentenced after they participated in the “legal” murder of the Jews that fell into their hands.

There you have it. Welcome to “pro-life” America, where abortion doctors are compared to Nazis, assassins, and cannibalistic serial killers without any hint of exaggeration for effect. This woman had s reached a remarkable level of scumhood for someone her age.

8 thoughts on “Gingi Edmonds is at it again”

  1. There is no reasoning with idiots like Gingi. One should only try and expose their idiocy to the more reasonable or uninformed people in the world. Especially the ones that might be on the fence about the barbaric things this espouses.

    Fuck her.

  2. Found another nice one:

    Again, you know I am passionately pro-life. But does this make me happy? No, I hurt for them. Did they deserve this? Yes, we all deserve death. The wages of sin is death, and all have fallen short to the Glory of God, we have all sinned. But His grace saves us. But not until we accept it. Pray that the Bud Feldkamp family turns to Jesus.

    Such unbridled compassion coupled to thoroughgoing optimism. Such spectacular incoherence.

  3. Hi, Rev!

    Edmonds should have her nose rubbed in stories like the ones here: “A Heartbreaking Choice.” No one is pro-abortion. Late abortions are done for dire medical reasons. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s just the choice between worse and worst.

  4. She wouldn’t be moved an inch by that story. When you are convinced that abortion doctors are functionally and morally equivalent to serial killers, you’re beyond the reach of conversation. She’s a piece of shit–when people called her on her article about Bud Feldkamp, she fairly reveled in the attention. Some people would rather be hated than ignored.

  5. One thing this murder has shown me is that the “murder”, “serial killer” comparisons are completely empty. The moment one of these guys guns down a doctor in cold blood they start saying that of course it was wrong even though Tiller was a serial killer. If I was witnessing what I considered a legit serial killer murder babies every day I, as any human being would intervene by force. Forget babies, if I saw my neighbour beating his wife to death I would intervene with force. That is why the “pro-life” movement is so full of shit and they really don’t buy into their own hype. Well, they buy into it but they really don’t think about it too hard.

    And please don’t get me wrong, I think this vile hag is demented. I would rather have this creepy movement filled by a bunch of droning church mice than people who outright cheer on violence.

    I never really gave the abortion issue much attention though I support it. Since this man’s murder some of the stories I have read from families about late term abortions makes me think that it should be protected as much if not more than any other form. Aborting a child because it will only have a few weeks of life sustained by multiple transplants isn’t exactly the selfish reason the anti-abort crowd would have you believe.

  6. Nazis, assassins, and serial killers didn’t do what they did to save lives. Tiller did. We should never forget that Tiller saved the lives of real women by providing them with abortions. Without those abortions, women would have died and taken their baby with them. Anyone who would prefer the loss of a life and a loss of a pregnancy over just the loss of a pregnancy has no right to claim that they are “pro-life”. If Edmonds had it her way, more women would die. She is pro-death.

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