Teen, sick 8 years with a “mysterious” ailment, diagnoses self in science class

That the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease eluded this girl’s doctors for eight years is far more remarkable than her diagnosing herself thanks to histological evidence she uncovered while in Biomedical Problems class (must be nice to have access to such a course as a high-schooler). Still, this is a hell of a story.

For eight years, Jessica Terry suffered from stomach pain so horrible, it brought her to her knees. The pain, along with diarrhea, vomiting and fever, made her so sick, she lost weight and often had to miss school.

Her doctors, no matter how hard they tried, couldn’t figure out the cause of Jessica’s abdominal distress.

Then one day in January, Terry, 18, figured it out on her own.

In her Advanced Placement high school science class, she was looking under the microscope at slides of her own intestinal tissue — slides her pathologist had said were completely normal — and spotted an area of inflamed tissue called a granuloma, a clear indication that she had Crohn’s disease.

You can watch her talk about her experiences in this video.

One thought on “Teen, sick 8 years with a “mysterious” ailment, diagnoses self in science class”

  1. Another example of the failure of Western Medicine to recognize disease when it stares them in the face, to appreciate the holistic nature of humans as spiritual beings, or to treat their patients with respect. Thanks for sharing this important finding with the world, Kevin.

    If only this poor suffering young lady had found the protective ministrations of a good alternative practitioner early on, she could have been enjoying the benefits of effective, natural treatments like reiki, magnetic therapy, or – if her disease was bad enough – the powerful benefits of homeopathic medicines.

    Of course, her medical insurance would not cover the natural and effective alternative therapies, because the Cabal of Big Medicine- World Socialism – Jewish Bankers won’t allow it. Sadly, if the Zionist lovers hadn’t killed off the Oregonian Bigfoot population we would all be enjoying Total Reiki EnviroVibrations everywhere, with all costs picked up by the Posse Comitatus Illuminati Jimmy Fund, but NOOOOOO…..

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